Holy Velvet, Batman!

First fashion post up of the year and I am sooooo excited for it! Two of my favourite things in life are skirts and the material velvet so, of course, when both of these combine, I am automatically in love the clothing item. Well Marks and Spencer did combine the two and my golly gosh, I am in love with this damn skirt.

Due to this, I have came up with this little outfit, featuring said skirt, and one of my favourite tops, my Batman baseball style tee.

Holy velvet, Batman, I am in love...

Skirt, Marks and Spencer, £11.39
Top, Primark, £8
Boots, Primark, £16
Can we all take a moment to appreciate this damn skirt.
1) It's velvet, automatic win and going straight in my wardrobe.
2) It's a beautiful red shade, all shimmery and preeeeeetty.
3) It is long so can wear it both in summer and winter and looks proper funky styled with the Batman top.
4) You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion.
5) Saving the best till last, it was £35, down to a marvellous £11.49, how blooming splendid is that?! Thank you M&S!!! 
I honestly adore this skirt!
And there we go, does anyone know if you can marry a skirt?! Hahaha!
Until next time
All photographs are my own
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