A lil' No7 Makeup Haul

My new year's resolution consists of me not buying food for the sake of buying food. The amount of money I waste on food is terrible and because I am doing Slimming World, I am going to treat myself to something else. Whether it be getting my nails done or buying some clothing, that's the plan.

Now you might be wondering 'Caz, what has this got to do with the post title?'. Well, here is the answer, I am going to do a lot more makeup/beauty posts this year and I am going to spend my food money on makeup products as well. Santa treated me to these pretty No7 products for Christmas and because they are gorgeous and kick started my new year's resolution, I thought I would share them with you all!

So get ready for a lil' No7 Makeup Haul...

Now this was a gift set my mum [I mean, Santa] got me and I absolutely love it! Including a fabulous eye palette, an illuminating palette to make them cheekbone glows, not one but three No7 brushes [foundation, blusher and powder] and a pretty nude lip crayon, it is such a wonderful gift.
As of yet, I haven't tried any of the products out, however, I do use their brushes and they are super soft and apply foundation. highlighter and bronzer effortlessly. I have about six of their lip crayons already and I honestly live by them! For the two glamorous palettes, I cannot wait to try them out, all of the shades in the eye palettes are just *drools* and the three in the illuminating one are just so sparkly, they are definitely brighter than my future.
And there you go, a little No7 haul but daaaaamn, thank you Santa!
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  1. Ooooh these palettes look gorgeous! I'm kind of obsessed with No7 makeup at the minute. I use their Beautifully Matte foundation religiously, along with their loose setting powder. It's a winning combo! I also LOVE their skincare. I'm currently using the Protect & Perfect eye cream, day cream and night cream in the hopes of getting rid of my fine lines that are starting to peek through. I could go on and on about the brand all day! (I think you may have fuelled a blog post) Great post, Caroline!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

    1. Aww thanks Olivia! I adore their foundation, I use it religiously too! I also love their bronzer, it is sooo light and makes my non existent cheekbones and cheeks shine for days haha! The eye shadow palette is just to die for, sooo many pretty colours, like I am SO excited to use it eek! x


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