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Another day, another new blog series I am kicking off. With all the recent negativity in the blogging world, I wanted to share a bit of love and positivity so came up with this lil' series. Not going to lie, I have been wanting to do a series like this since October last year but just never got round to do it, oops!

This monthly blog series focuses on one blogger that I have been loving in that said month. It will include their social media links, their blog and three reason why I have been loving them. The best thing about it? I'm not going to tell the blogger about any of this until I have published the post, so hopefully it'll be a nice lil' surprise for them.

So without further ado, here is my first blogger of the month...

Reasons why Robyn is my Blogger of the Month...
  1. Her blog is absolutely addictive. I've been reading Midnight and Lace for roughly a year now and just love it, it is one of my favourites! However, this month Robyn has just been nailing the content, particularly looking at her new True Crime series, which I am soo excited to read future posts, and her funky Space Disco Queen post, like damn girl, them photos are amazing! Her content is fresh and so well written so definitely read her blog if you haven't already! 
  2. If you aren't following her on Instagram then why the hell aren't you?! I stalk [I mean look at] her feed and just drool over her wardrobe! Her photos have just grown from strength to strength and seriously, you all need to follow her right now!
  3. I don't think she truly knows how fab she is as a blogger and as a person. From her amazing sense of style, her awesome makeup skills [have you seen her eyeliner, it's always on point] to how lovely she is! I have only spoken to her a few times on Twitter but she is so nice, supportive and very down to earth!
And there you go, first blogger of the month done and dusted! I am so excited for this series, see who my next blogger of the month is in Feb!
Until next time
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  1. Thanks for suggesting it. I'm sure I've came across her blog on my late night jollies scouring the net on the hunting for alt and goth blogs to follow.

    1. Her blog is amazing so I hope you enjoy reading! x

  2. Fab idea for a series and a great recommendation. Her feed is so raw.

    Rachael xox

    1. Aw thank you lovely! Her content is just so fresh and exciting! x


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