My weird hobby revisited

Long time, no see with this post. I have neglected my weird hobby post and this makes me sad so here it is, back for round four! For those who don't know what my strange hobby is, well, I collect coins. I am a coin collector! After finding a pretty 50p, with one of the designs celebrating London Olympics 2012, I have been saving the various wonderful designs on our currency.

In my last post about me coins, I had a whopping 62 coins [23x£2, 6x£1, 33x50p], which comes to a rather nice £68.50 of which I am never ever going to spend. Over the past few months, I have gathered more 50ps, £1s and £2s in my ever growing collection so here I am!

Get ready as we revisit my weird hobby...

Top- The Tale of Peter Rabbit (2017)
Middle- Battle of Trafalgar (2004), Milner's Tower (2015)
Bottom- Taekwondo, Badminton, Boxing (2012)
Top: Great Fire of London (2016), London Olympic handover (2012)
Bottom: Rugby World Cup (1999), St Paul's Cathedral (2005)
With the new £1 coins entering circulation in earlier last year, I wanted to collect two of the many sets of old £1 coins that I loved. With a little help from two others, I managed to get the four coins in each set woooo!
Floral emblem of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland (2013-14)
Design of the UK capital cities official badges (2010-11)
Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and London
And there you go, I am so happy with how many I have found so far and having a grand total of £86.50 that I am never spending, go me!
Now all I need is 24x 50p and 8x £2s!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. Oooh I've never seen the badminton one before!! <3 I collect coins too :D 50ps - £2 and the old £1 coins! Got quite a collection going now! xo

    1. I hadn't either but then my friend found it in some change and gave it to me, it's a canny one! Oooo yey, I love collecting them, they are so pretty and some of the designs are lovely! x


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