Reasons to smile in January

For this Sunday afternoon, I am kicking off one of my many new blog series. I am so excited for this because I am going to share with you five reasons why I smiled each month. Normally January is one where people are having to go back to work after the festive period, the cold weather is still strong and where I am trying to avoid getting the flu.

So I came up with this series. The reasons could be anything but I thought it would be such a lovely look back type post and see all the many reasons this year has been fab. I know, I know, I am totally jumping the gun here as it is literally only January still but hey ho, it will be nice reading them all.

So here's my reasons to smile in January...

Finally got my bridesmaid dress
My brother is getting married in June and because I am his only sister, I am one of the bridesmaids! I haven't been one before and I am both so ecstatic and absolutely bricking it. After searching high and low with Natalie, his soon to be wife [eek], she found one and I am in love with it. It is so pretty and pink and delicate and I am soooooooo excited!!!
Lost weight
At the end of last year, my friend and I joined Slimming World. After having Christmas and New Year [we totally joined at the wrong time, oops], we have re-joined and back on it. Last week, I did put on half a pound but it was such a crap week, I expected it to be more! I am so god damn determined to lose weight now, especially with the wedding coming up in six months.
Bargain sale finds
Who doesn't love a bargain, am I right or am I right?! With the Christmas sales well and truly over now, I had a little look around some of the shops still [in hope for a cheeky cheap purchase] and I managed to pick up two Marks and Spencer's skirts for an absolute steal of a price. Both of them were reduced a couple of times before I got them at their final reduced price of £11.39. One is a beautiful red velvet skirt, that I am completely in love with, [I published a post about it, read it here] and the other is a delicate pink embroidered skirt, again that I am completely in love with!
A game I am actually good at
Right, after about 5 years of playing PlayStation 4 games with my friends and Ryan for the past few months, I have finally found a blooming game I am actually good at! I was beginning to lose hope! Introducing Injustice 2. Praise the lord for this game, I swear down! Featuring some of DC Comics favourite superheroes [Batman, The Flash, Superman] and villains [Brainiac, Darkseid], it is like a fighting game but damn, I am a boss at it!
An apple a day
Saving the best till last and you may be thinking what the hell Caz but let me tell you that this, apple squash is the best thing ever. Because I am on SW, I cannot drink my favourite drink in the world, apple juice [I have to syn it now, oh the heartache], so when I stumbled on this lil' beauty at work, I work at Tesco, I was instantly hooked. The best thing about it is that it is free so can have as much as I want woooooo! I am an apple squash addict and proud!
And there you go, kicked off a new blog series, reasons why I smiled this month!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. I still can't get over how much I love the new look of your blog. Congrats on joining the gym and losing some weight! I joined a gym in the beginning of December, and I absolutely love it. It makes me feel amazing, and I've slowly been noticing changes in my body. Great post Caroline. It's always good to look at the good things in life xxx

    Melina |

    1. Aww thank you so much Melina! It's not a gym, Slimming World is like a weight loss programme, where we can have as much free food [like pasta, rice, fish and meat] as we like, limit our intake of milk/cheese and bread/cereal/other things, and can have bad food [sweets/chocolate/crisps/junk food etc] as 'syns', we are allowed 5-15 a day. It's hard to explain but it is really good, just need to get my motivation back! I am sooo happy you are feeling amazing, you deserve it! x


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