Relaxation vibes

With me finally having a life now [woo for me], it is nice to have some me time and relax a bit. Forgetting about work, shutting off my phone/tablet/laptop and saying bye to my boyfriend and friends for a hour or two, it's nice to spend time with myself. I find that I don't do it as much as I should.

Like many people, life gets in the way. However, I thought I would share five things to do whilst your having some 'me' time, in this quick post on a Tuesday morning.

So get ready for some relaxation vibes...

Read a book with a cuppa
Ok so it will be with some apple squash for me [not addicted at all, oops], but taking an hour to read a book whilst sipping a hot tea/coffee/hot chocolate or a juice, its nice to block out the world and delve into a good book.
Go on an adventure
I live opposite a cute lil' park so often find myself getting lost in the wonders of nature. Isn't it so marvellous. Seeing the beauty of the trees, leaves, the river and the birds, its just so heart warming. Whether it is a wander round your local park or a trip to a lil' town or somewhere, it's just nice to get lost in the world.
Pamper yo'self
When you shut yourself out from the world and just chill, there is nothing greater than having a pamper session. Get that face mask on ya, paint them nails to slay, and walk around like a zombie for the next 12 hours. Just me? It is nice to treat yourself to a little pamper, you feel brand new and ready to slay the world with your awesomeness afterwards.
Bake a cake
Does anyone else find baking a delicious treat therapeutic? There is something about creating something from scratch that I find so splendid! And the best thing about it? You make something that you get to eat afterwards! Win-win!
Do a spot of cleaning
I know, I surprised myself typing that like. However, even though I am probably one of the most messiest people in the world [it's organised mess, okay?!], I find cleaning my room so calming. Does anyone else find it relaxing? From finally putting them washed clothes away and not just dumped on the chair, rearranging some bits n bobs and doing a spot of hovering and dusting, it is satisfying.
And there we go, five things I like to do when I spend sometime with me.
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. I definitely agree that baking can be therapeutic - I don't do it nearly enough!

    1. I don't, need to get back into baking this year! x


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