Joy and pure happiness

Today's post is just a quick one. I am currently writing it all out from scratch about hour or so before I actually published it. Talk about organisation, Caz! Oops!

My blog is a place of happiness, support and positivity. Yeah, there might be a few negative focused posts here and there but overall, I am all about that love. And this post is no different. I love a list. Who doesn't love a list?! This list are twenty things that make me happy when I am feeling crappy.

So here is some love, joy and pure happiness...

  1. Merlin, a BBC TV show, aka the best thing in the world, aka my love, aka my fave thing one this planet
  2. You Me At Six, a band who I have been obsessing over for the past 9ish years
  3. Flowers, particularly roses of the pale pink kind
  4. Apple squash, obviously that was making it's way into this list like
  5. Audrey Hepburn, an amazingly wonderful actress [she is the life size cardboard cut out in the main pic]
  6. Coin collecting, the weird hobby of mine and I love to look at my ever growing collection!
  7. Good eyeliner, cannot beat it when they look the same and just slaaaaay!
  8. Memes, who doesn't love memes?!
  9. Books, from the smell to turning the delicate pages, cannot beat a good book
  10. New pjs, is it just me who randomly buys a new set even though I've got plenty at home? Cannot beat some new pjs like
  11. Singing, even though I cannot sing to save my life, but pretending to perform in your own concert and even doing a little dance, can't beat it! [Please say I'm not the only one who does this hahaha]
  12. Teacups, one of life's underappreciated things.
  13. Apple juice, yes, I maybe obsessed with both apple squash and apple juice, but [not surprising at all], one of the first teddies I got was a pale pink bear and yep, I called her Apple Juice
  14. Hunter, my brother's energetic yet totally adorable that I am so in love with him, cocker spaniel, my lil' poop
  15. Notebooks, blooming love notebooks and I adore writing in them even more
  16. Decorating, whether it is rearranging my bedroom, putting up random bits of wallpaper in my wardrobe and buying even more flowers to put somewhere, I love creating a space that is just me
  17. Matching socks, weird one but hey, I am weird! It is so satisfying finding a pair of socks that actually are suppose to go together
  18. Peeling off glue from skin, does anyone else find this so damn satisfying?!
  19. Candles, I blooming love candles, god knows how many I have lying around in my room
  20. My mum, my friends and my boyfriend, don't know where I would be without them
And there we have it, twenty things that make me happy when I am feeling crap!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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