Hello Autumn, Hello October


This season is my favourite time of year by a mile. The late nights, a spooky day that I love to celebrate, the Autumn/Winter clothing that comes out, the warm chocolatey beverages to drink whilst snuggling on the sofa watching TV and the pretty colours surrounding us.

Here is 'What I love about Autumn'...

Throughout Autumn I practically live in big jumpers and red lipsticks.
Move over Summer clothing, I love the colours and the patterns the shops use on their jumpers.
Red, navy, brown, dark greens, greys, it is the time to get those jumpers out of your wardrobes and onto you.
I am even wearing a jumper whilst I am writing this blog post out!

Reds, dark greens, browns, oranges and yellows, what a wonderfully colourful season Autumn is. Walking through the park and seeing all of the leaves on the floor or gently falling on the path, the crunch of when you foot touches the crinkled leaves is one of my favourite things.
Urgh, I just absolutely love it!
With the cold coming in during Autumn/Winter, the pan is on, warming cold milk for a hot chocolate.
Filled with marshmallowy goodness and if its a good night, chocolate sprinkles and cream, the heat going down your throat and into your belly is satisfying to say the least.
Snuggled with on the sofa on a dark  night with your throw/cover watching your favourite film/TV snipping your hot chocolate, what is better than this?

Hands down, I prefer late, dark nights to sunny daytime.
The moon is bigger and the stars are visible, if you have a camera then this is the perfect season for your to capture the beauty of space and the night sky.
I mean only a week ago (Sunday 27th Sept) we had the very spectacular rare Super Blood Moon (pictured) which if you didn't see it you missed something truly stunning in the night sky!

My favourite day of the year.
Move over Christmas, Easter, birthdays and special events, Halloween is the best day of any year.
Ok, so maybe my birthday is after the spooky day but dressing up, decorating your house, trick or treating, pumpkin carving, sweets, Halloween films, the list is endless on why this is the greatest day.
Every year without a shadow of a doubt, I put on the TV early morning and have a marathon on every Halloween film I have.
Time well spent in my scary books!

Well there you have it! Why I love Autumn!
What's you favourite thing about this colourful season?

Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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