10 Years of You Me At Six, Why I love them!

Time flies when you are having a rocking time and clearly this is the case for Surrey born rock band You Me At Six who celebrate their 10th year together today! Crazy, I know! 

A taste of what's to come

Going to tell you guys straight, I utterly love them. They are my favourite band ever.

The first song I listened to was 'Kiss and Tell', taken from their first album Take Off Your Colours and from then, I have been obsessed with them. Buying magazines with them on the front cover or with them in it, having numerous lyrics on my bedroom walls, posters, merchandise, albums, them following me on twitter, replying and 'favouriting' some of my tweets. OBSESSED!

So why do I love Josh Franceschi (singer), Max Helyer (guitarist), Matt Barnes (bassist), Chris Miller (guitarist) and Dan Flint (drummer) so much?
Well, to celebrate this huge milestone they have reached today, here are 6 (get it...) reasons why I love You Me At Six...

Four albums, over 50 songs later, I love their music and it is getting bigger and better.
From oldies like Save It For the Bedroom, Jealous Minds Think Alike and The Rumour (all from their first album, Take Off Your Colours) to recent songs like Room to Breathe, Lived A Lie, Fresh Start Fever (from their latest album Cavalier Youth), every single just is on point.
There is a song that fits any emotion, from sad to happy to angry to everything else in between so it's always a 'listen to You Me At Six' day.
Plus the fact that you can dance and sing your heart out to pretty much all of their tracks.
My favourite song of each album:
Finders Keepers from Take Off Your Colours
Liquid Confidence from Hold Me Down
Crash from Sinners Never Sleep
Cold Night from Cavalier Youth
I also love The Swarm which they did for the opening of Thorpe Parks new rollercoaster of the same name. Such a class song!

My album collection!
I hate it when people say they have a favourite member of a band. Like, no?!
Every single member of YMAS are incredibly talented, funny, lovely and bring something to the band. Not one of them is lesser than the other if that makes sense.
They interact with you on Twitter and share things and comment on things you have sent etc, they are just really down to earth guys who don't let fame get to their heads.
They have favourited, replied and even follow me on Twitter which made me insanely happy!
From Youtube videos such as Cooking with [Dan] Flint' and 'Matt & Max's Munchies' to 'Behind the Scenes', they are hilarious whose passion for the music they create is clearly shown.
Their Twitter Accounts:

Some Twitter interactions!
My friend Lauren and I got to meet them in our home town in January 2014 and of course I was super duper excited (surprise surprise).
They were going around the UK, doing album signings in the store HMV for Cavalier Youth.
So me being me, I put on my YMAS top and necklace and we went to meet them.
All of them signed both mine and Lauren's albums and I got some other things signed too.
I cant even begin to describe how I felt whilst I was standing in front of my idols.
It really was an once in a lifetime thing.
Who knows, perhaps I will interview them one day, eh?!

From that amazingly awesome day!
Ashamed to say it, I haven't seen them live.
I know, I know, it really is shocking.
They actually were playing in my hometown ages ago and when my mum finally allowed me to go the tickets were all gone.
Just my luck!
My friends all went, but not me, who was and still is the biggest fan out of all of them. I am not bitter over this at all. I SHOULD HAVE GONE DAMN IT!!!!
Anyway, I purchased their Final Night of Sin Concert DVD and oh my, that concert was insane!
The stage production, YMAS performing amazingly and everyone just singing along with Josh.

The Final Night of Sin at Wembley Arena DVD
I was also featured in their "The Ultimate Dedicated Fans: Why #ILOVEYOUMEATSIX" which I was so happy and surprised at since they got a lot of entries for it!

Check it out below and see if you can spot me:
I have so much stuff of theirs.
So basically I have:
Two tops (one signed), four albums (one signed), a special edition of CY (signed), a dvd of them playing Wembley Arena in 2012, a 'selfie' with them, a drawing I did (signed), a necklace, a calendar I made (yeah I am that sad) and lyric quotations on my bedroom walls.
I really do resist the temptation of buying more but I think my mum would kill me if I did.
Over the 10 years, they have all come together and created a truly fantastic band.
Like I said before, all of the members deserve to be there.
They have came along way in that decade, from a near breakup to four albums (one of which reached Number One in the charts), have performed loads of gigs, travelled the world, toured with some other amazing bands and had a great time doing it.
After 6/7 years of being a Sixer, I am one proud fan.
So there you have it, six reason why I love YMAS and why you should too!


Also, I am away next week so I will try and post on here but I might not be able to!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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