An Evening with Mark Gatiss

Last night I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite actors/people on this earth, Mark Gatiss. Known for playing Mycroft in BBC One's international hit show Sherlock to being a Doctor Who writer, I am a huge fan of his!

I love him as an actor, I love him as a writer. So when I found out he was coming to a theatre near me, I needed to get tickets to see it... badly!

And last night was the night and it was so surreal and I'll tell you why!

Here is my 'An Evening with Mark Gatiss| Review'....
To start with, this event was in aid of raising funds for a Police Memorial for all those who have died whilst serving in Darlington Police. This is a great cause that I hope will reach its target to fund the memorial.
Because of this, Mark Gatiss came home (he was born in Sedgefield, County Durham) and did this special event for fans, both young and old alike at the Darlington Civic Theatre.
The evening started with a 10 minute clip of some of the films/tv shows Mark has starred in! I didn't realise how much he has been in over the years. I mean, it was funny to see some of the characters he had to play!
Two chairs, two water jugs, two tables, two glasses and a TARDIS on the stage, this was going to be a very good night as we hit the Q&A part of the event.
Northern Echo editor Peter Barron sat down with the League of Gentlemen star and discussed his amazing career and his life so far.
From starring in both an ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot and Marple episode, The Wind in the Willow to writing and starring in both Doctor Who and Sherlock to the early days of his life, it was great to see Mark's enthusiasm for his job and little stories about everything and anything.
It just made me love him even more. 
Then came a short interval so my mother and I walked around the theatre for a bit and came across a little shop selling DW and Sherlock things. From cushions to throws to mugs to tops and wallets, there was a lot of things I wanted so badly from the Who Ray Shop section.
But that's not all that was there...
The evil enemy of the Doctor, it was so funny to see it there, moving and talking.
It was singing its own version of All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor and following people around.
How can life get any better than this?!
A little video I got of the Dalek singing the Meghan Trainor song but his way HA!
After the interval, Peter then asked members of the audience who had questions for Mark.
I didn't know this but during that break, you could go up to Peter, write down your name and your question and then at the start of the second half he would give you the chance to ask him!
I had so many questions to ask him!
But anyway, I loved this as the near packed theatre was turning their heads to see who Peter said and some of the questions were so good even Mark struggled to answer a few and it gave people the chance to ask him some questions that they needed to know the answer to!
To end off the evening, Peter said those words I longed to hear.
Mark Gatiss was going to the bar area to meet you and sign anything and have a photograph with you.
My inner fan girl squeaked with happiness at the thought of meeting someone who I have loved for a while now.
Sometimes, they don't go out and meet you after the person/band etc you have seen have finished performing which is annoying but I am so happy Mark did!
Seeing all of the people queue just to see him was incredible.
So many people came last night and it was so reassuring to see because it is for a great cause and I'm glad he is loved by so many.
But yes, too round off an already perfect night, I met him and got a photo with him and my programme and ticket signed by him.


Mother took this

Mother also took this!
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For more information about what's on at the Darlington Civic Theatre, click here.

So there you have it, I cannot believe I have met him but 'An Evening with Mark Gatiss is something that I will always remember. What a night!

Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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