This is Halloween, Witches makeup

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Halloween!

It is my favourite time of the year. Forget about Easter, Christmas, birthdays and other special days, Halloween is the best thing ever!!!!!

So in honour of it being only a couple of weeks to the spooky day, I will be showing you my scary witches makeup and my costume! I always dress up as a witch because I really want to be one haha!

So here is 'This is Halloween| Witches makeup'...

For the makeup you will need:
Black eyeliner (pencil or liquid, it's up to you), black lipstick, black eye shadow and another eye shadow of your choice (one to match your costume), foundation, mascara.
1. Apply some foundation to the whole of your face and a bit on your eyelids.
2. First up is the eye liner. I like to do this first as I cant put it on when I have eye shadow on, it just goes all weird. 
I am using Primark's P.S. Liquid Eyeliner as I find it easy to use and it was a bargain, costing £1!
So depending on how thick you want the line to be, draw it on, starting from the centre of your lid down. I have done a flick at the end because this is what I do naturally but it is up to you.
3. Mascara. Make those eyes look bigger and brighter!
I am using No7 Lash Impact Intense volume control mascara, costing £13.50.
Put it on both your upper and lower lashes for a more intense look.
4. Moving onto the eye shadow.
Using the colour of your choice (I have gone for a bluey/green colour to go with my witches outfit) gently place on your lids with a small makeup brush.
Go as high as you want but make sure you cover your lids, the inner corners and your lower lash lines with the shadow.
Now, take you black eye shadow and gently place over the colour on the outer corner to the centre of your eyelids and just underneath your eyeliner flick. 
Blend in the two colours together and you are done.
I used MUA shade 8 Pearl and No7 Shade 35 Comet.
5. Cover those lips with the black lipstick and you are done!!!
The final look...

My witches costume (including the pointy hat) was from George at ASDA, costing £16, last year but check out their Halloween range here. This year they have done one very similar to this one, click here.
Have a year old photograph of the dress
The black sparkly cape was also from Asda, costing £6.
The broomstick (what every witch needs) was from Wilkos, originally costing £1.25 but I bought in the sale at 30p.
You could always add a black wig if you wanted too!

I really do love this look, it is perfect for Halloween. Making your eyes stand out with the eyeliner and shadows with the boldness of your lips, it is dark for a dark night.

Well there you have it! Spooky makeup for the scary day of Halloween oooooooooooo!
I will do two more of these makeup tutorials so keep your eyes peeled!
What are you going as this year? Comment below!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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