Happy 1st Birthday Hunter

So today marks the day that a little pup was born into the world. My brother's and his girlfriend's pup to be precise, Hunter.

Taken: 7th May 2015
I think they got this cute black cocker spaniel, when he was 3 months (I could be wrong) but ever since I laid my eyes on him, the camera has always been out and I pretty sure he probably hates me for taking so many photos of him but its hard to resist!

However over the past months, I have photographed him growing up and getting even cuter (if that's possible) so here are my favourite photographs I captured in 'Happy 1st Birthday Hunter| Doggy photographs'...
Warning: this post is sloppy with me saying awwwwww whilst uploading and captioning the photographs therefore may cause you to do the same once your eyes gaze upon the cuteness overload that is Hunter... It is hard not to though! Enjoy!

23rd November 2014: The I first met the little cutie and sleeping next to Mr Duck
24th November 2014: He is back with his rather big blanket
7th December 2014: First time dog sitting
18th December 2014: Hunter-1 Me trying to get him in his lead for his first walk-0
31 January 2015: Somebody wants something they can't have
14th March 2015: He looks so cute, look at that profile!
10th April: First trip to Great Ayton!
29th May 2015: Park time!
2nd July 2015: Headshot!
28th July 2015: Flower power!

20th August 2015: First trip to Saltburn beach, somebody clearly enjoyed it here haha
27th September 2015: A (not so) quiet Sunday with the pup
30 September 2015: Somebody doesn't want me to leave to go for lunch out

And finally today!

My handsome cutie!
Now that the post is over, it might have seemed really sloppy but for a girl who has always wanted a dog, he is my little (not so little) pup.

Until next time

All photographs are my own!

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