32 reasons why you should love Bradley James

So today marks a very special day for one of my favourite actors. It's Bradley James' 32nd Birthday.

First coming onto our screen in 2007 in ITV's Lewis, Bradley is such a handsome, talented actor and I for one am proud to be his fan.

With the birthday boy (left)
From his breakthrough role as King (Prince) Arthur in my favourite ever TV show Merlin to shows like iZombie, the title role in Damien and to star as a villain in 2016 film Underworld 5, I am going to give you 32 reason why you should love Bradley James...

1 He played Arthur, who is mean to Merlin but treats and cares for his men (Knights of Camelot) with kindness and loyalty. He was so sassy but lets not talk about the ending. He is my once and future King!
2 He's a fangirl. Well, fanboy! He loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer (when he met his Merlin co-star Anthony Head who was in Buffy, he told him that he had all of the boxsets of it, bless) and football!
3 Football mad. When he was growing up he either wanted to be an actor or footballer! 

4 Rugby mad too. Judging by his posts on the Rugby World Cup 2015, he likes rugby too!
5 He's British. Gotta love a British accent!
6 He is funny. The Merlin diaries are some of the most funny things I have ever seen, a sample below but please watch them!

7 He pulls really weird faces. Yep, he does. Type in Bradley James Funny faces into Google, there are some real good ones in there!
8 Pulls off any hair. From black, brown to blonde, Bradley suits any hair colour. Lucky for some, eh?!
9 He is adorable. When he smiles, it creates little dimples and they are so adorable aww!
10 Charity work. He, like other celebrities, joined in with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, video below, (that was fun to do...) and he also does sporting events to raise money/awareness!
 11 Q&As on Twitter. He sometimes does a Q&A on Twitter which is nice as fans can communicate with him.
12 Instagram. This year he finally got Instagram and his photos are the best!!!

13 Twitter. Going back to Twitter, thank God he has it because I like to see what he is up to (not in a creepy way) but as a fan who supports him and likes to see what projects he has lined up etc.
14 He knows Colin Morgan. He knows my main crush, Colin (who he co-starred with in Merlin) and I think I might cry.
15 Was in an episode of Lewis. I really liked Lewis as a TV show (it is airing on ITV now with a new series)! Plus the fact he is topless in it is a bonus!
16 Doesn't take himself too seriously. Like I said, he is such a down to earth guy who is funny and lovable.
17 Passionate about acting. You can tell he is with the way he acts, with such passion and I think it really shines through when you watch him.
18 Talented. He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will hit right in the feels and make you emotionally unstable forever because you are still not over that Merlin ending and never ever will be. And breath.
19 In Fast Girls. I love this film about a team of girl competing for a place in the World Championships for athletics. He plays Carl, the physio.
20 His friendship with Colin. He has such a great friendship with Colin when they meet whilst doing Merlin. You can see this in the outtakes of the well loved international show.
21 You're the voice. Thank you Bradley for showing us Merlin fans (and Colin), You're the Voice by John Farnham.
22 He lived in America. I really like America, I haven't been but I really want to. He lived in Florida when he was nine.
23 That jawbone. You can cut yourself on that jawbone, I tell you!
24 Those cheekbones. Again, the same with them cheekbones!
25 That face. Such a handsome man to be honest.
26 He communicates with his fans, if they see him in person and on social media.
27 That stubble on that jawbone.

28 His fans are so nice and supportive of him and talk to you about how much they love him!
29 You doesn't love a man with lovely bright blue eyes?!
30 He supports his co-star. He went to see Colin Morgan when he was performing in The Tempest and Rupert Young in his play too.
31 The banter he has between the other knights of Camelot. Their Twitter conversations are the best!
32 He is one of the most talented, handsome, special human beings on the planet.
Well there you have it, 32 reasons why you should love Bradley James.

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