This is Halloween, Cat Makeup

You may or may not have seen my Witch makeup tutorial (read here) and I am back with one that will leave you purring for more! That was a bad pun, I apologise hahah!

Halloween is my favourite time of year so because it is only a couple of weeks away, I always dress up as something! Normally as a witch but who knows this year as this tutorial is super duper cute and easy to do!

This time I will be showing you my cat makeup and an accessory that is purrrrrrfect for the scary day!

So here is 'This is Halloween| Cat Makeup'...

For the makeup you will need:
Black eyeliner (I used both pencil and liquid), pale pink lipstick, foundation, mascara.
1. Apply some foundation on your face, making sure it is well rubbed in.
2. Take the liquid eyeliner and starting from the centre of your eyelid, draw down and create a cat flick going up when you reach your outer eye corner. Then from the inner corner draw a line and connect it together.
Now take the pencil eyeliner.
On your waterlines draw from the inner to outer corner and under your bottom lashes. Take the pencil and now connect both the upper and bottom lines in the inner corner. Now do a flick in the inner corner of your eyes down (towards your nose but don't go too far down).
Add some mascara and your eyes are now done!
3. Staying with your pencil eyeliner, we are now going to draw a little tiny nose for the cat. On the tip of your nose draw a curved triangle shape, fill it in and a line going from the bottom tip to your upper lip.
4. As we are on the lips now, make sure they are dry before you put on your pale pink lipstick (you can use lip gloss if you wish instead).
5. Final part, take your pencil again and draw three small dots on you cheeks, near your lips.
Then draw three lines for the cats whiskers and you are all done!
The final look...

 I love the simplicity of this look.
From the boldness of the eye makeup to the cute whiskers, it is easy so if you haven't picked out your Halloween costume yet, this is purrrrfect for you!
Wear a plain black top, black jeans/leggings and a pair of old black tights filled with socks tied around your waist for a tail, it is an easy look for those last minute plans!
My lace cat ears are from Primark costing £2.50 and I am in love with them!
The detail of the black lace is so pretty!
Well there you go, a quick and easy cat makeup tutorial for the spooky day!
Keep your eyes out for the final Halloween makeup tutorial coming soon!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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