BOO, it is Halloweeeeeeeeeeen

This is a straight forward post as I am in London (woooo) currently so have done this in advance.

It is Halloween in a couple of days and I am super duper excited! I will be showing you costume ideas, decorations, games and films to do/watch/wear on the spooky day!

So here 'HALLOWEEN 2015| Ideas'...

Cat- A black top, leggings and shoes are all you need for this. Oh and some cat ears! For the tail, get an old pair of black tights, fill it up with black socks and tie it around your waist! Simple as that!
Witch- A long black dress (or a long sleeved top and skirt), just over your knees with spider web tights, a broomstick and witches hat and you are ready to cast spells!
Ghost- An old white dress, white shoes and paint your face/skin white with your eyes black.
Candle- create a dark atmosphere by turning down the lights and having a few candles on. Please be wary if you have children or pets!!!
Cups- a couple of ideas with these Halloween inspired cups. Filled them with a mixture of sweets or use them for your drinkable potions!
Jars- fill jam jars or any kind of jars for that matter with sweets or if you really want a fright, pour water in them and add toy eyes and depending on how big the jars are maybe a fake hand or something along those lines.

The candle and spooky cups in the picture are from Home Bargains!

Perfect for if you are having a Halloween party! 
Mummy Wrap- divide the party into two teams, giving them each a roll of toilet paper. Select one team member to get wrapped up and another one to do the wrapping. At the sound of the music, wrap the selected member's body as much as they can. When the music stops, the team member who is wrapped in the paper more, wins.
Pinata- you can buy a piñata at stores like Tescos, ASDA, Marks and Spencers etc. Fill it with lots of tasty, spooky sweets. At the party let everyone have a go at hitting it until it breaks.
Apple Bobbing- one of my favourite Halloween games is apple bobbing. This is basically where you fill a bucket, large bowl or a large container with water and place about 10 apples (or depending on how many you have invited). Each person has a go at getting an apple in their mouth. Remember, no hands allowed!
Pin the crookedly nose on the witch- this is exactly like pin the tail on the donkey but a Halloween version. Print of a large photo of a witches face and cut out a nose out of paper or sponge if you have. Take it into turns to pin the nose on the face, marking out where the person placed it. The one closets to it, wins!

Casper (1995), PG- this is a great film, one of my favourites! It is about a friendly ghost named Casper, who lives in a house with three scary ghosts. It follows his friendship with a girl who moved into the haunted house. It is a fun, action packed family film in which will leave you cheering on the goodies!
Hocus Pocus (1993), PG- my favourite Halloween film ever! Three witches are bought back to life after 300 years. They now plan to get revenge on society and a group of teenagers plan to stop them in their tracks. It has become more a tradition to watch this film in October because it is so good. Definitely one for all the family!
Nightmare before Christmas (1993), PG- Ok so the titles does say otherwise but it is about Halloween! It focuses on Jack Skellington, who lives in Halloween Town, until he stumbles upon Christmas Town. The adventurous film will leave you singing the 'This is Halloween' song all day long.
Ghostbusters (1984), - Who are you going to call? This film will leave you on the edge of your seat. Four misfits are called in to investigate paranormal activities in New York Public Library. Throughout the film, it will make you laugh, smile and just have a great time.  
A few other suggests in here too!
Well there you have it!
Ideas for what you could do on the scary day!

Until next time
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