Don't you love a sale

So across the weekend, Next had a three day sale for all of their remaining summer clothes. Marks and Spencers also had a sale going on so of course I hit their shops in town and got some really nice items at a bargain price!

A taster of what's to come!
Although it's Autumn/Winter season now, I love Summer clothes. The colours, the patterns, the cute little dress (I have so many) so I love it when shops have their summer sale on.

I will also include the two items I got in Primark but they weren't in the sale since its cheap anyway!

I bought one item of clothing in their sale on Saturday.

Dress: Was £25, in sale £12
Getting there at 9:00am (their sale started at 7am) and seeing so many pretty items that weren't in my size, I was so sad! However I have admired this blue heart printed dress for a while now and from £25 to £12, that was going home with me.
I have one exactly the same but in yellow/pale blue print. I love the fact that it has pockets, that it is knee length, the fact that it can be worn in A/W season too due to the colours and that it was at that price, what a bargain!
It is such a lovely pattern at a fabulous price!
I love M&S, from their home ware to their fashion and accessories, they do some really beautiful stuff at a very good quality. The only thing is that some of the items I love are a bit too expensive for me. However, without a shadow of doubt, I am always there when they have a sale and I'm always the one carrying around five baskets filled with items. I just cant help myself sometimes!

Shirt: Was £35, in sale £18
I love love love love this long sleeveless skirt. I love the colour of the pale pink (it is so very Spring/Summer), the length (just above the knees) and even the slits at the side, it is just a great item to wear for next summer or to wear if you are going out shopping or out with friends, for a meal.
You can easily dress it up or down and pair it with high heels or flats.
It can be casual and stylish.

Shirt: Was £29.50, in sale £21
This is one of my favourite items I bought, a blue/black horse print shirt. I adore this. The material is light on and the pattern is really pretty with the horses. Perfect for work/uni or casual, paired with black jeans and some dolly shoes, you have a winner with this shirt.
I know that these aren't in the sale but I had to include them as I am in love with them.

Jumper: £14
It's that of year again where the playsuits go away and the jumpers come out, Autumn. I love this season because I love wearing jumpers and this one is definitely one of my favourites.
Coming in at £14, this red/black checked jumper is super duper soft and really comfortable just to wear if you are at home, to uni or out and about with friends/family.
Matched with black jeans, it is such a casual outfit to wear for those chilly days ahead.

PJ Top: £5
Now, this is actually a pj top (ssshhhh don't tell anyone) but I would wear this as a going out top, I don't care.
I love The Grinch, I watch it every year with out a doubt. So when I saw this, I got it then and there, I don't care that we were in late September, I didn't want to not get it and then the next time I was in it not being there. I have learnt this valuable lesson from my mother.
I just the to Christmasy colours and the fact that The Grinch look so evil with that stare. I absolutely love it and for £5, it is such a bargain!
There are matching pj bottoms too!

Well there you have it, who doesn't love a good sale and a good find in shops! 
Until next time

All photographs are my own!

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