Pimms and Needles Launch Event

MY 100TH BLOG POST!!!! And for this I am blogging about an event I joined last night that is absolutely perfect for me.

Yesterday marked the 100th year anniversary of the Women's Institute (WI).
I love this idea of having a group of women together, I have been wanting to join one for 3 years or so. I love the fact that you meet people you wouldn't normally meet and talk/do things you are all passionate about and in an environment where every one is friendly and supportive. It is fab!

When I was asked to cover Pimms and Needle's, a not for profit independent ladies group in the village of Hurworth, launch event for La Di Da Magazine, I jumped at the chance.

Getting ready!
For starters, my article, including my photographs, may actually get published in a very popular mag (how crazy) but also these types of events were made for me.

So as an extra, I decided to blog about the fun filled launch too!

Here is my Pimms and Needles Launch Party Event...

Arriving into Hurworth with my lovely uni friend Mandi, we were both pretty excited to say the least.
We didn't know what to expect as this isn't your average women's group.
Donna and Charlotte, the two lovely ladies behind this fantastic idea, wanted to create something more modern and more hands on, defying the stereotype women's groups have. 

The ladies behind it all:
Donna (left), Charlotte (right)
Yes, you have the usual baking and sewing but it is so much more that.
Cocktail making, vintage tea parties, Swishes (where you bring in items of clothing and swap them with someone else's), wreath making at Christmas, pimping up your P&N badges and that isn't even the half of what's to come.
Members can also suggest things to do which I think is great as it gets everyone involved in the meetings.
And! AND! There are so many people (I think they had 61 people sign up last night alone, which is incredible) and they all have different backgrounds, the age range is 30-70 roughly I think and they are all so nice and excited for this new adventure.
This makes it more relaxing and really enjoyable because you can talk to people that share your passions.
I mean I had about 5 different conversations about Cath Kidston due to the fact I was wearing my clock print skirt from there.
All ready for the intro!

Welcome to Pimms and Needle's Launch event

Pimping up their badges.

Look at how many people!
On the night they had a clothes swish which was really popular and had a raffle in which the prize was a Spa Day for 2 at Rockliffe Hall worth £200, which is an incredible prize especially since this is the launch.
Clothes Swish

The winner of that amazing prize draw to Rockliffe Hall!
The ladies on the committee who also helped organise the event, the swish, the refreshments (I ate so many cakes!) and the membership, I (and many others) would like to say thank you!
All of your hard work and team effort really paid off, it really did. Everyone who attended could see that you put your heart and soul into making it a success.
Just shows you what you can do with an idea and creativity!

To become a member all you have to do is sign up.
Now there is a £15 membership fee which lasts until January 2016 so for £5ish per monthly meeting, that is a great price to me!
Plus the fact that all that money stays within the group so it's used for the activities etc, that makes it even more fabulous.
Note: I am unsure whether or not Donna and Charlotte have a limit on how many members they are allowing but it is definitely worth a try to sign up if you can.
They meetings are held at The Mustard Tree, Hurworth, every second Wednesday of the month at 7pm finishing around 9pm.
In January, there will be a vote on whether the group should join the WI or remain as an independent institute so again very hands on in the fact that everyone has a vote in this and that the decision isn't made for the members, which I think is really important as everyone will have different opinions on the matter.

All of the lovely members!
Overall, it was just an amazing night filled with warm tea and delicious home made cakes.
I, for one, loved every second of it even though I was technically working!
Tea and cake anyone?
I can safely say I am super duper excited about Pimms and Needles and what future meetings will bring.
I am actually a member of a women's group at the age of 20. Who would've believed it?!

The next meeting is on the second Wednesday in October.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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