My week in London, August 2015 (Part Four)

Final day, Friday 28th, and part four on my London trip last week. Due to the fact we were so tired from Brighton and my mum wanted to go here, we got on a bus and went to Chelsea!

King's Road, Chelsea
Unfortunately, no Made in Chelsea cast were around however I did see a lot of very nice cars and a lot of things I really wanted!

So here is My week in London| August 2015 (Part Four)...

Friday 28th August
Before we get onto going to Chelsea, we actually stopped off at Liberty's first to get my friend her 21st Birthday present!
Walking around the store and seeing the old structures and the bits n bobs on sale was an experience. There was so many weird things in there that made you think "who on earth would buy that".

Flowers outside Liberty's

Inside Liberty's

That chandelier though!

Pretty fireplace

Pretty flowers too

Cute display

So many buttons!

In the haberdashery part!
Now we headed to Chelsea and it wasn't as I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting but sitting in Sloane Square in the middle of a major busy road was kinda relaxing, hearing the water fountain and the cars slowly going around the square. We headed up King's Road, linked with Sloane Square, which has a lot of shops (very nice ones as well). Department store Peter Jones and Cath Kidston were some of the shops we visited.

Sloane Square

Sloane Square

King's Road

King's Road
Just down the road was a lovely little sitting area, near the Saatchi Gallery. With the sun shining and our picnic out, this also had some water features and it was so peaceful (minus the children running around).

Saatchi Gallery on King's Road

King's Road
We headed back you to Sloane Square, down Lower Sloane Street and Chelsea Bridge Road, Heading to Chelsea Bridge, over River Thames.

Chelsea Bridge and River Thames

Chelsea Bridge and River Thames
Then we got the bus back to Marble Arch, sat down and explored there as a big wheel was there for some reason! A person dressed as Sherlock Holmes was doing massive bubbles when we got there so that was nice seeing all the bubbles go around the area. Just before we headed back, we stopped off at Primark again near the Arch.

 Marble Arch


The Big Wheel and a bubble
Unfortunately, at this point we had to head back to go back to the hotels, collect our luggage and chilled in Russell Square for a bit before we headed towards Kings Cross for the train back home (noooooooo)!
Russell Square

Russell Square
There we have it! So much things to see and so many things to do over the five days!
Keep an eye out for the final edition, part five, coming soon!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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