A bat-tastic eyeliner

After seeing these beautiful products on Primark's Instagram page, I have been going into my local store every week to see if they have any in store. The products in question are their Batman makeup range and my golly gosh, I needed them in my life.

Due to the fact that my local shop is a small Primark, they get stock later than what the bigger shops gets. But, yes, they finally (FINALLY) had this Batman liquid eyeliner in and well, I had to get it. To celebrate, here is a review of this product a superhero would love!


So here is 'Primark's P.S Batman Makeup Range'...


Primark did a really good black liquid eyeliner but it hasn't been in store for a while so I think they must have discontinued it or something (fingers crossed it comes back). I have been using their eyeliner felt tip pen and while that is all well and good, it doesn't beat this product. I love this so much.
First up, the packaging. Now, I adore the fact that it included old school Batman comic book pictures and a little guide on the front to create the perfect eyeliner flick, again in the style of a comic book. And that matte black with the little rose gold details, like hellooooooooooo!
Now onto the product itself. This is super easy to handle, it is a square but the body has a weird diamond style edge to it. The little applicator is super thin and sooooooo easy to use, I did these in a couple of lines and the liquid sets really quickly, which is everything I want in an eyeliner.
Perfect for slaying the people of Gotham with them Catwoman eyeliner flicks!
To make this product even more amazing, it only cost me £1, instead of it's original price of £2.
Other products in Primark's P.S Batman Makeup Range include a killer lipstick, some dark knight mascara, BOOM-tastic nail varnish and so much more!
Well there you have it, a makeup product that Batman himself would approve of!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!

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