What do I have on my walls?

A year ago, my bedroom was covered (and I mean covered) with photographs, posters, wall art/plaques and random things I kept for some strange reason. Anyway, a year later, I have painted my walls from pink to cream, put pretty floral bunting up but I couldn't resist putting a few things on my wall... What?1 I can't help it okeyyyyyy!

What my bedroom did look like
I thought I would give you a look around my recently redecorated room as I am very pleased with it as I literally just did it without having/thinking of a plan!

I did try to find all of them online but unfortunately couldn't find them, which is such a shame!

So here is 'What do I have on my walls?'...

I have no idea where I bought this film reel frame from but I am sure if you type
it in then you will find one! I am pretty sure that I did purchase it at IKEA. 
Anyway, of course I put Audrey in because what else would I put in!

My lovely friend Emily bought me these from Whitby, before we went on our
girls trip, and I love them so much! I have always wanted some of these, I just find them really pretty when I see them on people's walls!

Another Audrey related art now and this is a painting I did of her, which I am
super happy with!

There seems to be a running theme here now but yes, surprise, surprise, Audrey
one more. My mother bought me this framed picture of her in the film Sabrina
from Next just over a year ago I think. It was £40 or something and she bought it
in the sale for £25. I mean, these could be completely wrong but yeah, I adore this!

Onto my five pretty wall plaques, I will do them individually!

From another item from Next and costing £1.50 in the sale, I bought this about a year ago as I just
love it. When I wake up on a morning and see it, it reminds me that love is always
there with me.

Cheesy, I know, but we all need a bit of cheese in our lives. Costing £2 I think,
this was purchased in Primark and it is such a simple yet really pretty plaque
with the grey writing and the white frame, simple but stylish on any wall.

Ahhhh another Audrey thing here, how many is that now?! With one of my
favourite quotes from her, 'Happy girls are the prettiest', on the mirror, it is so
pretty witht the light brown frame and the butterflies craved into it, it was from
Primark and cost me £1.50 I think!

This lovely plaque is from Youtuber Veletgh0st's Primark collection. Now I love
Gabby, who runs the famous vlog, and I just love this quote, it makes me very happy.
Costing £4, its pastel touches are perfect for my vintage room.

From home item from Next (they do some really nice things ok?!), this final plaque is a saying I always tell my mum. It reminds me of
my child book of Guess How Much I Love You' so always brings a smile to my face.
This was bought in the sale last year and I think it cost £2 or something like that!

Ahhh this little beauty, I adore this wall art so much. Bought in Marks and Spencer,
I am in love with all the different floral backgrounds (good knows I am a sucker for
a floral print) and all of the spring/summery colours, it fits beautifully in my room.
To make me love it even more (if that's possible), I managed to get it in the sale,
from £30 odd to about £7/8 I think. I mean what a bargain is that?!!

I know, know, not technically a wall but a wardrobe instead. But I couldn't not show it.
Filled with the posters I had on my walls (excluding the Spectre board because that was from
the film's world wide premiere I went to), these are my favourites!

The latest masterpiece to go up in my room and I actually bought this as a little gift
to myself for graduating! I love the glitter aspect of this Next framed Audrey photograph,
 located on her hair. I think this is from her film Funny Face, one of my favourite of hers!
Being the only one there, it was £35 and I got it in the sale for £17, I was such a happy bunny!
Well there you have it, I am a sucker for a bit of wall art!
Especially if it is Audrey Hepburn!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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