Exploring Butterfly World

A couple of Sundays (31st July) ago, my friend Amy and I went to Butterfly World and it was so cute! Now, we both haven't been in years and it was so pretty seeing all the plants and flowers but most importantly all of the creatures.
Oh yes, that's because this magical place doesn't only contain pretty butterflies, no, it has big lizards and spiders and adorable meerkats that I really love and they were so adorable, ok??? Ok! And breathe.
I thought I would share with you some of my photographs I took in this really, really, really, REALLY hot place.
So here is 'Exploring Butterfly World'...

Please note that this is photography based, I will include little captions on the photos to say what they are but yeah, hope you enjoy!
A pretty blue flutterfly!
Hello white spotty butterfly, what you doing up there?

Can we all appreciate how beautiful them wings are!

Sleepy babas

Well here there Mr Meerkat!

He's just chilling like a villain

Time for his close up!

And back to more butterflies, how pretty is this one!

Look how vibrant this is!!!

A butterfly on a bench

Blue like the ocean!

Amy's got a butterfly beard!

Well there you go, a very cute day chasing butterflies and telling them to stand still so I could capture their beauty!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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