20 facts about moi (updated)

Since I have had this blog for over 2 years now, I thought I would update my getting to know me post. The '20 facts about me' post I published two whole years ago today! Time has gone super duper fast!

So here is '20 facts about moi (updated)'...

1. I have 60 wpm in Shorthand, something in which I love having because I can write little notes in it and no one will know what I have written (unless you know Teeline)
2.I have graduated with two degrees, a foundation degree and a BA Hons one, both in journalism.
3. When I was maybe 14, I decided that I was going to get my long, princess hair cut into a bob and it is still the worse decision I have ever made!
4. My bedroom walls were covered (and I mean covered) in posters, photographs, wall art etc. It took me 6 years to cover my full room!
5. I am a sucker for anything pastel coloured, floral printed and bird patterns!
6. My favourite ever film is Breakfast at Tiffanys, I utterly adore this film and my love, Audrey Hepburn! I went to see the stage production earlier this year and it was the best thing ever!
7. I have had a few articles/photographs published in both online and in print.
8. I have visited about 4 countries in my 21 years of living. There are: Mexico, Germany, Austria and Portugal.
 Here is a picture of 15 year old me in Mexico, where I went with Guides.
Oh, how times have changed since this.
9. My favourite childhood book is the Worst Witch by Jill Murray, I really want to be a witch to be fair!
10. I am saving up for a little doggy, I have named her Betty and Betty shall be mine!
11. I am a coin collector, that is my weird hobby! Read all about it here.

12. In the first 20 facts about me post I said I wanted to be a film reviewer. Well, I don't anymore haha! I really love capturing things in a lens and designing websites and article layout etc, so I would love to go down that career route!
13. I went to the James Bond film premiere of Spectre and it was flipping amazing! I really want to go to another film premiere for sure!
14. Things on my bucket list include: sky diving, visiting Las Vegas/New York and driving a steam train.
15. Speaking of trains, they are my favourite type of transport and I will probably turn into a train spotter, that is probably my fate.
16. I am still not over the Merlin ending, the BBC TV show ended in 2012 and I AM STILL NOT OKAY ABOUT IT.
17. I like to be creative with my makeup. Sometimes I have my eyebrows really colourful.
18. I am currently growing a little garden, who would have thought it?! I have a couple of pink roses, strawberries and herbs growing.
19. I joined a women's independent group at the age of just 20.
20. Sweet potato fries are love. Sweet potato fries are life.
Well there you have it! Getting to know me a little bit better!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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