The Living and The Dead, a review

It is 1:29am on the 3rd August and I cannot sleep. Because of one thing. One thing.
And well, because we haven't had a review in a while, I am back with one which is something that everyone should stop what they are doing, stop reading this post, and watch it! The one thing that is keeping me awake as I write this post out. BBC One's supernatural, plot twisting, what-even-is-happening, I-didn't-know-I-had-this-emotion-until-now drama The Living and The Dead.

I watched it when it was released on BBC iPlayer, a few days before they aired it on the TV channel, which was the 28th June, and let's just say I binged watched the whole thing, all six hours of it, in one go and I was hooked. And still am.

Because the last episode aired last night on TV, I thought I would share my love for this show and why you should sink your teeth into it! THIS IS SPOILER FREE.

So here is 'The Living and The Dead, a review'...

A bit about the plot (as best as I can without giving away any spoilers):
Set in Victorian times, a young couple, Nathan Appleby and his wife, Charlotte, move into his family farm after the death of his mother. But when Nathan, a gifted psychologist, encounters unusual, supernatural experiences with people in the village, it is up to his wife, a pioneering photographer, to help him through his personal struggles that soon come to light.
But is he really going out of his mind? Can Charlotte help save him? And who is the girl with the book of light?
Created by Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham, where to even begin with this fabulous six part TV show!

Let us start with the very talented cast.
My love, Colin Morgan (Merlin, Humans, The Fall), stars as Nathan Appleby.
Now, this is his best role yet in my eyes. The pure emotions and vulnerability he portrayed as Nathan, his performance was simply captivating, especially in the more heart breaking of scenes.  
I am so proud of him and to be his fan. Just when I thought he couldn't excel in his roles and his acting talents, Nathan Appleby comes around and completely knocks it out of the park.
Colin is joined by Charlotter Spencer (Glue, Line of Duty), who plays Nathan's wife, aptly named Charlotte!
The first time I saw Charlotte (the actress, not the role haha) in anything, it was in E4 drama show Glue and she was amazing in that!
She completely took it up another level for The Living and The Dead though. Her performance throughout all six episodes were spot on. Her chemistry with Colin was faultless and she delivered the emotion when she needed to.
I mean they both did that in the final episode.... Oh god *cries*!
Other actors/actresses include: Robert Emms (Atlantis, Happy Valley), Pooky Quesnel (The A Word, Waterloo Road), David Oakes (The White Queen, The Borgias), Chloe Pirrie (Brief Encounters, The Game) and Nicholas Woodeson (Skyfall, Ripper Street).
The breath taking visuals.
It is set in Victorian Somerset and the visuals were simply divine. From the house where the couple live in, the village and the lakes to close ups of the characters and the views of the corn fields, how they edited it all together was amazing. Directed by Alice Troughton, it felt like you were there, experiencing the strange going ons that they were. From the jumpy parts to the quick cut-a-ways, they built the tension and the creepiness a lot.
Finally, the pretty costumes.
As most of the characters were working class, the wardrobe was key as you want the to fit the time and what they would have worn in those days.
They really captured the time and the essence of the drama.
Form the dirty skirts/trousers and braces to the hats and other accessories, the costume deputy deserves a standing ovation!
 Oh my days, they were all stunning!
I wanted all of Charlotte's dresses and hats and shoes and basically everything she was wearing!
All I can say about this incredible show is that you have to watch really closely, there are so many clues that explain everything but episode six is an emotional roller coaster of a hauntingly clever ride and it will leave you speechless and wanting more!
More, I tell you, more!
There are three things I take away from The Living and The Dead and they are:
2) My love for Colin Morgan has grown immensely after his performance in this. I repeat, his best role to date.
3) They deserves a second series. Four words. That cliff hanger though.

And to round off the series for me, Charlotte Spencer, who plays Charlotte, tweeted me!
What a perfect way to end such a perfect day after watching a perfect TV show
Well there you have it, a hauntingly clever drama for you to binge watch!
Watch episodes 2 (this ep expires today) to 6 of The Living and The Dead here.
Episode One is currently not available anymore!
The DVD comes out on the 8th AUGUST.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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