Look at me mummy, I'm in the Papers!

This is going to be a short post.

Last Wednesday I was invited to attend the Pimms and Needles Launch event (read about it here).
I am covering it for La Di Da Magazine, a high society mag for the North East, and was asked to take images.

The day before, Donna, who is one of the ladies who came up with P&N, got in touch with me saying the Northern Echo wants to cover the event too.

I have my copy!
So I asked Mandi, who I was going with and who is also studying Journalism at uni with me, to see if she wanted to write the article for the NE whilst I take the photographs to accompany it.

And what do you know, three days after the amazing launch party, my photographs and Mandi's article are in the newspaper and online (that went up the day before, Friday)!

Drum roll please
Here it is!
In the NE paper
I am so incredibly proud of both me and Mandi. She has had her work published before but still, I am so happy for her! It is hard to get a by-line!
This is my first thing published. Yeah it is only a photograph but I don't care, my name is in it (although they have spelt it wrong hahahaha).
The online version uses three of my photographs and I don't know why but it says the article was written by someone else but anyway, very happy about that as well!
It may not seem like much to people but to me, it has given me extra confidence in my work/photographs and for once, I am really proud of this.
Something to pop in my portfolio!

So who knows where I will be published in next!

The next meeting of P&N is on the second Wednesday in October.
Until next time

All photographs are my own!

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