My week in London, August 2015 (Part Three)

I am so excited to write this post, this day was amazing in our London trip!

You know when you have a bucket list of everything you want to do before a certain age or before you pass away, well I can tick this certain thing off that list finally!

On Thursday 27th August, my mother and I went to BRIGHTON!!!!!!!

Located on the coast about 1 1/2 hours away from London on the train, the seaside town has been one of the things we both really wanted to visit.

To see the famous pier, eat fish and chips, buying some Brighton rock and taking a rock from its pebbly beach, it was a fantastic day out!

So much to do, so much to see so here is 'My week in London| August 2015 (Part Three)'...

Thursday 27th August
Boarding the train at St Pancreas station (near Kings Cross station) and sitting down ready for the adventure to begin, we couldn't contain our excitement.
We had everything planned. What we were going to do, where we going, which shops, where to eat, everything.
When we arrived, it wasn't sunny but raining. However, we wouldn't let anything stop on us on this day, not even a bit of rain!
Walking to the beachhhh
Walking down from the station straight down the street, you can smell the sea air and actually see the sea. Welcome to the not so sunny Brighton!
Train Station

Cute piano at Train Station
First of we decided to step on the very pebbly beach. Now if you read my Saltburn trip post (read here) then you will know I hate sand. The feel, the look, ewww!
Seeing all of the colours of rocks were amazing. From red to brown to grey to black to white, there were so many colours!
From the beach you can see the old, burned out West Pier which was built in 1866 but closed in 1975 and unfortunately was on fire in 2003. However a part of the structure is still standing, despite facing fires and storms and you can see it from the beach on the right.
West Pier
On the left as we faced out to the sea is the new Pier, known as the Palace Pier. Opening in 1899, this is the pleasure pier with rides, fair games and food/drink stalls.
We bought some fish and chips for lunch and they were divine. The chips were crispy as was the fish batter with the fish being cooked to perfection! 
Palace Pier

Fish and Chips!

My name is Gru and this is my minion Bob

Palace Pier

Palace Pier

Palace Pier
Palace Pier
Next we walked up to the Royal Pavilion, which was absolutely stunning. Building started in 1787, Kings stayed in this beautiful structured icon. We didn't go in it but walking around the gardens with its path taking you somewhere, it is a really lovely thing to do if you are ever in Brighton.
Now this is my favourite thing we did whilst we were at the seaside. Choccywoccydoodah is my favourite place on this Earth. As you can probably guess by its name, it does all things chocolaty and it is absolute heaven.
Of course it does non chocolate things too but oh my god, it is a fabulous place.
There is one in London near Liberty's but the Brighton one has something I needed to visit.
The reason why I was super duper excited by going here is that I actually watched the TV show it had, where you got to see the cakes being made, all the decorations and meet the amazingly talented people behind it.
Look at all of them cakes!!!!

Loved the lighting

So we went in the café part and literally had so much chocolate that it was death by chocolate.
Mother had a cuppa whilst I had a delicious banana milkshake with chocolate chips on it (mmmmmm) but we decided to share the food.
The chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries and sauce was absolutely melt in your mouth stunning. It was amazing, the cake was soft and with the coldness of the ice cream with the chocolate and sauce, I cant even describe how amazIng it tasted.
We also had dipping pot. So basically a pot of melted chocolate with strawberries, chocolate twirls, marshmallows, bits of cake (rocky road was one of them) and more. It was so so so so so so so so gooooooooooood!


At this point we were literally so full we couldn't really walk, we went to find Primark (of course) and it was pouring down with rain (just our luck). However we finally managed to find it and I did buy a shirt that I wore the next day (the final day noo).
Due to the fact we were still so full from Choccy's and were very tired we headed back up to the train station. We actually missed the train by a second so we had to wait half an hour for another one but we weren't complaining.
Train Station
Both of us slept like a baby that night haha!

Well there you have it, a very action packed day and one thing off the bucket list!
Stay tuned for part four on the final day of my week in London.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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