Day trip to Whitby... Again!

So on Thursday 24th September, I went on a day trip to Whitby with some of my uni friends.
Pretty view! What's to come!
I've already been to Whitby recently with a friend (read here) but still jumped at the chance as I love this seaside town, it is so pretty with lots of quirky things to do and see.
Grabbed my camera, hopped on the coach and we made our way down.
So here is our 'Day trip to Whitby'!
We arrived at 12ish so first things first we got a bit to eat (we were all starving on the coach so this was top priority).
I had the small fish and chips which were lovely! The fish cooked to perfection and although the batter was a bit greasy, it crispiness of it made up for that! With the chips, they were hot and crispy too (just how I like them)
A satisfying start to the day.
Fish and Chips!
Next we headed to go to one of the Piers but of course managed to take some snaps of the sunny day!

Boats in the Habour

Where's Emma?

Cute cottages that I ADORE

On the way to the Pier

Look at that view, on the pier

How beautiful

Lighthouse at the end
So after having our hair all lovely from the cold wind on the Pier, we headed up to Whitby Abbey. The ruins of the medieval church lays on the top of a cliff and you have to climb stairs to get to it. It killed me but it was definitely worth it.

Now you have to pay to go and see the Abbey and walk around it so we had a walk around and managed to see it from a distance which was a bonus as it looks stunning.
View from the stairs

Church of St Mary near the Abbey

Pretty butterfly on the way up

And again

Emma and Kerri trying to get a photo of the Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Gothic style Abbey
Look at that view from where we saw the Abbey!
So there we go, a lovely day trip out with the uni girls to Whitby! Such a cute day!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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