So yesterday I was dead excited as I finally (FINALLY) attended my first ever blogger event (WOOOO)!

Not going to lie I was so nervous about going, I felt like a newcomer trying to get into a group as it was my first one and I hadn't met anyone etc. I am just socially awkward like that, I love meeting new people but I hate it as I go all scared and shy.

So many tea flavours!
However, meeting my friend Sally (LittleBudget) and going with her soon calmed my nervous and we headed to the most cutest little place in Middlesbrough, The Olde Young Tea House.

So here is 'MY FIRST EVER BLOGGER EVENT| The Olde Tea House Meet Up'...
Once we were in to this vintage looking tea room, the panic soon disappeared and the event began!
I would just like to thank Carli (The Tea Bee) and Megan (Thumbelina Lillie) for hosting such a wonderful event at this point- I absolutely loved it, you made me feel so welcome and it was great fun so thank you ladies!
I loved the fact that I wanted so many pieces of furniture and tea in the shop, loved meeting lots of lovely bloggers who were passionate about it as I am (I will post their blog links below so check them out) and I loved the cakes and drinks that were on offer, they were delicious.
So here are some snaps I got last night:
The Olde Young Tea House!
Cute table decorations

Drink up!

How cute is the interior?!
I love the light shade and that wallpaper!

So much tea!

Lovely little light shades!

Close up of the tea

Drinking jars!

Anyone fancy a cake?
I had the Salted Caramel cupcake and it was so good!

I think this was a fruity cocktail with gin or something along
those lines in and it looked and smelt tasty!

All ready to meet new blogger!

I just really love this armchair okay!

Teacups in the window

Drink anyone?

Sleeping Beauty tea: a raspberry and rose petal flavoured tea
which is to die for! So fruity and refreshing!

Tea with tea
How cute is this place!
First time coming to The Olde Young Tea House and I love it!
If you haven't been then please do!

So through the event, there was a photo booth where Megan or Carli would take photos of you holding a plaque and with other blogger!
I really loved this idea as it made you talk to people who you wouldn't really talk to so it was a great ice breaker and so much fun.

Photographs courtesy of Megan and Carli

L-R: Lucy, Lauren, me, Sally and Megan

L-R: Lucy, Lauren, me, Sally and Carli

L-R: Lucy, Lauren, me, Sally

L-R: Lucy, Lauren, me, Sally
We were trying to do the initials OYTH
And to round off my very fabulous day.... That beautiful big and bright rare super blood moon.
Such a perfect ending to a perfect day!
The lovely ladies' blogs:

I cannot wait to see what future meet ups and other blogger event may bring!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!

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