Go to the Festival of Thrift

Two blog posts today... Well aren't you lucky!

This post is about something my friend and I went to yesterday!

We went to Festival of Thrift at Darlington and it was amazing!

So many stalls!
Opening at 10am and finishing at 5pm, there are SO many stalls with quirky and handmade bits n bobs to look at, it was a fun day out and family friendly!

It is on today so that's why I am writing this now so I can post on here early for you to have a chance to get down and see it for yourselves!

So here is my 'Go to the Festival of Thrift| My Review'...

For starters, here is the programme showing you when everything is on and at what time!
We started off walking around the stall first as we always do this, look at everything before we buy anything.

There are so many stalls that sell quirky things from vintage clothing to handmade items and little gifts perfect for birthdays etc.

Here are some of my favourite stalls:
Sol Cinema: A cinema for one or two people at a time!

Sweet Campers: a sweet shop in a hippie van!

Scoops n Smiles: Ice cream van

A selection of stalls

Crumble and Slice: A cake shop

Urban Fudge: a fudge stall

Truly Tempting Chcoolate: chocolate stall

A hippie van café!

Pretty things at the Remade in Britain stalls

The WI Stall, where they were baking there!

A bar in a old double decker bus!

A taxi that is a BBQ stall

A nail salon

A cakes/biscuit stall

Oxfam stall

Oxfam stall bits n bobs for sale
After we spent like an hour looking at all the different, pretty things we started buying.

I spent most of my money on food! There were a lot of stall selling different foods from sweet things to burgers, chips and everything in between!
 I bought some cheesecake for me and my mother at the Simply Cheesecake stall! I got the salted caramel one and the strawberry shortcake one which are both divine and creamy!
I am a sucker for cheesecakes!
So many cheesecakes to choose from!
Next up I bought some fudge from Urban Fudge. I got 4 for £7.50 so I got the rocky road, millionaires, honeycomb and salted caramel fudge bars and although I haven't tried them yet (I am saving them), I am positive they are going to taste super!
L-R: Honeycomb, Salted Caramel, Millionaires, Rocky Road
I also had some ice cream and it was absolutely melt in your mouth beautiful!
Flavours: Chocolate and Butter Toffee
Moving on from food, I actually did buy something and they come in the shape of these lovely dream catcher earrings from The Adorned Duo!
I am in love with these, I have so many pairs of earrings but these £5 pink pair are so pretty in the way they dangle down form your ear and make a jiggling noise due to the beads.
The earrings come in different colours too!

Festival of Thrift's:

So today is the last day of this crafty festival so make sure you get down!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!

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