On the topic of body shaming

This post will be on something that effects a lot of people around the world, me included.

Body shaming.

One thing I hate about this world is when people think it is funny to make fun of someone on their weight or/and look. I don't get why people think it is ok and perfectly acceptable to take the mick out of someone for the way they are. Like, why?

Hearing the words "fat(tie)", "too skinny", "pig", "ugly" makes you feel like shit. Sorry for the language but it is the only thing that describes that feeling. If I feel like that then God knows how many people feel like this as well. You feel absolutely horrible and it doesn't help mentally. Whether you are a man or woman, whatever your weight is, it is NOT acceptable to make fun of someone on their appearance. It's not.

This comes a couple of weeks after Nicole Abour's Dear Fat People video that was controversial to say the least. I had zero idea of who she was before this and I am not going to share the video. What Nicole said was strong, I did agree on some of the points she made like yeah we have one body and we should take care of it but she just made a joke of it all and how is that suppose to make someone feel better about themselves? Because its not. She talked for 6 minutes about fat people and basically attacked them all the way through.

I am fat and you know what, I am fine with that. For waaaayyyyyyy too many years now I have spent my life caring about what other people thought of me and my body. Like if you have a problem with my body or anyone else's then keep it to yourself. Don't make comments because 1) they can offend the person, 2) make them feel crap about themselves or even more so if they do already and 3) by commenting using the words "fat", "too skinny" or something, what the hell does this achieve and what the hell does it have to do with you?

For starters, you don't know if that person has a medical condition that made them gain weight/lose it or if they are depressed or in fact they have just lost some weight. You cant judge someone like that because you just don't know.

Also, if you body shame someone then wouldn't that make them just gain weight because you are making them feel even worse about themselves therefore you might make them turn to food or starving themselves?

I used to feel like I wasn't beautiful. I would buy pretty clothing and still feel horrible and I wouldn't have been the only one.

However, over the past two years I finally realised that just because I am bigger than my friends, it doesn't make me less beautiful than them.

Because here is the thing: Everyone is beautiful no matter what their size/appearance.

It is their life, not yours. Your life must be really boring if all you have to do is body shame someone constantly. Go live your life and let them live theirs. Simple.
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