Top three male crushes

The first fangirl post of 2017, can I get a hell yeah up in here?!!!!?! [HELL YEAHHHHHHH].

Now everyone has a main celebrity male/female crush, don't they?! It is only natural for you to love them and stare at them in absolute awe because of how beautiful and talented they are.

Because I have a lot of celeb crushes (like a lot a lot), here are my three main men I drool over on a daily basis.

So here is 'Top three male crushes'...

Colin Morgan
 Starting with my Irish charm, my love, my main crush!
Yes it is Irish actor Colin Morgan, who played Merlin from my favourite ever TV show Merlin, and dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmn, he is my fave!
Look at that hair, those cheekbones, that jawbone, that beard and don't even get me started on his Irish accent, like he is the dream.
Shaun Evans
My second male crush is actor Shaun Evans.
Mostly known for playing a young Morse in ITV's Endeavour, I proper find him attractive.
Even though I hate the Liverpool accent, which is where he was born and raised, I can see past that as my golly gosh, he is fab!
I mean, I can stare in his baby blues alllllll dayyyyyy!
Josh Franceschi

Final male crush now and look at his face!
You Me At Six lead singer Josh Franceschi is hotttttttttttttt with a capital H.
And to make me, and the rest of us, love him even more, he cares for his fans, is super duper nice in real life [I know because I have met him twice EEK] and takes zero crap from any one!
I can listen to him sing 24/7!
 Other male crushes I have include: Professor Brian Cox (don't ask me why), Cillian Murphy, Bradley James, the rest of YMAS, Jaime Dornan and Freddie Highmore.
Well there you have it, my main three male crushes!
Until next time

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