An Autumnal wedding outfit

Yeah, yeah, I know it is winter and we still have like 9 months until Autumn comes around again but hey ho, we are here.

In September this year, I am going to a friends wedding and honestly, I cannot wait! When my mother and I got the invite last year (it still feels weird writing that), I was panicking as to what I could wear. I have never been to an autumnal wedding so what the hell do you wear for one. And yes, before anyone says it or thinks it, I know you wear clothes haha!

However, the panic stage literally lasted for a week as I actually have my outfit now and thank you Marks and Spencer's for your beautiful clothing and of course, your sales!

So here is 'An Autumnal wedding outfit'...

Top- Marks and Spencer, £13.99  (Sale)
Skirt- Marks and Spencer, £23  (I think, Sale)
Shoes- Marks and Spencer, £15 (Sale)
Bag- Marks and Spencer, £15 (Sale)
I did try finding these items on their website but there were not on it. However, try in your nearest M&S store as they could be in there!
I bought this pretty skirt in the M&S on Oxford Street when I visited London for a day trip in December. Due to the fact that I worked in one of the stores, I had my staff discount still and just absolutely fell in love with the floral piece so I treated myself to it. Then hit, boxing day, it was in the sale so I got it for even cheaper! God, I love a bargain like! And to make it even better, it sits just below the knee and has pockets! POCKETS WOO!
After struggling to find a top to go with it because I was going to wear a white blouse I have but with this being a wedding, it hit me that you can't really wear white. Any who, my lovely mother saw this bottle green blouse that I had been admiring in the sale and it suddenly hit us both that it would go lovely with the skirt!
I just love how colourful this outfit is. Yeah, it is dark shades but I think it is bold with the big floral print of the skirt and the blouse with the little detail at the top, it is just a lovely outfit for a September wedding! With the matching burgundy shoes and bag and a simple gold eye makeup look with a burgundy lipstick shade, it just completes the whole look.
There you have it, I cannot wait now!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 

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