Flower chic oversized dress

If you know me or follow me on social media then you will know how much I love a bit of embroidered clothing. I am a suckerrrrrrrr for them!

I was in town yesterday and shopping in my favourite shop, Primark, where I just so happened to find this beautiful flower embroidered dress!

So here is 'Flower chic oversized dress'...

How beautiful is this dress though?
It is a simple black material with the flowers adding a pop of colour.
I just adore the prettiest of the flower design on both the top and bottom of the item.
Now, this is oversized for me because I bought the wrong size as it was the only one there and it wasn't in my usual size. I don't mind at all though as it is so comfy!
However, it is perfect just for wearing if you are having a chill out day, you are going shopping, on holiday or even a date!
Paired with black tights and plain black boots, it is a stylish outfit with a little hint of boldness!
Well there you have it, a flower chic oversized dress!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 

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