It is ok to cry.

For my new years resolution for my blog, I want to start incorporating more personal posts. Over the few years I have had this little space on the internet, I have published a few and have gotten a lot of support and love for them, which I truly am grateful for.

I don't post personal things to gain views, sympathy or whatever. I publish them when I feel comfortable to let go of whatever is bugging me or affecting me. This post is no different.

It is all about crying, a master of that I am.

So here is 'It is ok to cry.'...

If you know me personally, then you will know how much of an emotional wreck I am. I cry at anything and everything. God knows how many times I have cried at The Lion King (still not over Mufasa guys!), cried over how my friend got me a coin album for my collection as my Christmas present and so on.
 I cry at everything! Even when I don't want to, I cry!
However, I mostly cry when I am in a difficult situation (like most people), when something is bothering me or cry myself to sleep. This was because it was the only I knew how to deal with things. When I was getting bullied at school, I used to hold back the tears until I got home, crying in my bedroom as I hid away from society and its horribleness. I got bullied at home by my older brother, I used to cry and he would always make fun of me for doing that.
I would try to hold it in until I was alone as I was made to feel like crying was a weakness and that I was such a baby for doing so.
It is that kind of emotional and mental abuse that people probably have this stigma surrounding crying.
We, as a society, teach people that you have to be strong and you just got to get over things straight after it happens and you have to have a back bone. I don't have one, never have and probably never will. I am ok with that and you know why I am... Because I don't judge people who want to have a good cry. That is because CRYING IS OK!
Cry a flipping lake, river, ocean if you wish, I don't care, just do it!!!
I am mentally exhausted from hearing the words 'crying makes you weak' or 'why you crying for' or 'stop crying and get over it'.
How about no.
When it comes down to it, I will cry if I blooming feel like crying and you aren't going to stop me.
Heck, I will cry loudly if it bothers you that much because I jolly well can.
It is your life and you decide what to do with it.
If something is getting you down and you feel like crying, just let it all goooooooo because at the end of the day, it is ok to cry!!!!!!!
Well there you have it!
If you ever want to talk to me then please feel free to contact me on Twitter (it is the best platform to do so on) and I will always be there for you, a shoulder to cry on!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 

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