Struggles of having big boobs

Yep, you read that right! Todays post is all about big breasts problems! Never did I think I would write a blog post about this but hey ho, something more light hearted and fun and well, we are here now!

Random, I know but you may think having large boobs is fabulous, a bit of cleavage doesn't hurt anyone and you may wish yours were bigger but that me tell you a fact here. You don't.

I have made this list of reasons why having massive boobs can be a pain in the back [literallyyyy]!

So here is 'Struggles of having big boobs'...
  1. The back pain is not fun at all, I told you they are a pain in the back!
  2. You can never find a pretty bra that fits, the struggle is real!
  3. Having to strategically place them when you are going to bed so you are comfy
  4. People asking you if they are real or not... Yes, mine are real!!!
  5. You cannot sleep on your front, it is so uncomfortable
  6. The constant fear that they are going to fall out of your bra
  7. Having to buy tops/dresses two sizes too big for you so they will go over them
  8. Exercising is the worse, they will hit you in the face
  9. Cannot not wear a bra, it is a must 24/7
  10. Buttoned shirts are just a no go, unless two sizes too big
  11. Finding food crumbs in your bra and between your boobs is not nice
  12. Boob sweat when it is hot is also not nice!
And there you have it, the big boobs problems!
Until next time
All photographs my own!  

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