Meeting You Me At Six again


If you know me personally or follow me on any of my social media accounts then you will how much I buzzed of the pop-punk/rock band You Me At Six. I mean they have been mentioned on my blog sooooooo many times because honestly, their music is flipping class, they are a-maz-ing live and they are genuinely lovely guys!

They recently released their fifth studio album, Night People and an UK album signing tour to go along with it so of course I was going to buy the cd and go to the signing. And today, the 12th January 2017, I met them again.

So here is 'Meeting You Me At Six again'...

Do you ever get scared of meeting someone (an actor/actress or a band etc) and that they don't live up to your expectations.  This was me when meeting my favourite band YMAS, consisting of singer Josh Franceschi, drummer Dan Flint, guitarists Max Helyer and Chris Miller and bassist Matt Barnes, but I can safely and confidently tell you they are five of the nicest, down to earth guys ever.
Now to clear the 'again' up in the intro to the post. In 2014 I actually met them when they did another UK album signing of their fourth album, Cavalier Youth.
Since I didn't actually write a blog post for the first album signing, have some photos because you can't have too much YMAS in your life!
Matt and Chris!
As you can I was a happy Caroline haha!
Even managed to get a bad quality selfie but I love it!
During both album signings, they talked to you and asked you questions and made you feel relaxed because I was sooooooooooo nervously excited so they really calmed me down and were just proper lovely.
As you can imagine I was super duper buzzzzzzzzzingggggg to find out they were coming back but the one thing I really wanted was to have a picture with them, because, after all, they are my favourite band. During the CY signing, we weren't allowed to take photo but hey, I took them anyway! But like I said, the one thing I reallllllyyyyyyy did want was to have a picture with each of them and guess what...
And finally Chris!
My lovely friend Lucy got some pics too:

Actions shots them like haha!
In all seriousness though, one of the best days of my life, along with my graduations and seeing YMAS live last year for the first time.
Well there you have it, I finally met You Me At Six again and it was incredible
If you haven't listened to Night People, or their other albums, then where have you been? Listen to them!!!
Follow the band's social media accounts here:
Until next time
All photographs my own! 

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