Lipsticks galore

Lipsticks are love. Lipsticks are life. I, for one, absolutely adore this type of beauty product. In fact, it is my favroutie makeup product. I was recently in town the other day and saw so many pretty colours, I wanted them all but couldn't afford to buy another one! This is basically my life.

From the classic colours of reds, pinks, oranges to crazy colours like blue, purple and even gold (oh my gosh yesssss), you can never have too many lippies in your collection.

Because of this, this post is showing you guys some of my favourites I own and honestly, there are mostly reds but I did try to show you a mixture! It was hard to choose between all of my babies!

So here is 'Lipsticks galore'...


Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Sample,  Baby Kiss (One Similar, Red Creme)

Primark's P.S. Liquid Lipstick, Shade 13 (One Similar)

I love red lipsticks, they are the colour I have the most in lippies! Not going to lie, I just feel so empowered and hot wearing red lipstick! Whether I look hot, I have no idea but from matte to gloss, if it is a red shade, it'll probably be coming home with me, oops!




Granted, not my first choice in a lippy, but I actually got given these by a friend because she didn't want them and she thought I would suit them. I mean, who would turn down free lippy?! Not me for sure!
I like the fact that orange is sooooo out of my comfort zone, who would have thought I would wear this shade but I honestly loveeeeeee these three!


It is very hit and miss with pink shades for me personally. Because I have such pale sick, I can't wear anything too pale on my lips, so bang goes paley pinks as they look terrible on me.
However, I can just about get away with deep, bold pinky shades, maybe like fuchsia but not like
fuchsia if that makes sense (probably not but okey dokey haha).
These two lipstick shades are just to die for, they are bold but not too bright, therefore not making me look like even more of a ghost!


Boyes lipstick, couldn't find this one online but one similar from different brand

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer, Kooky

Like the orange, purple is definitely out of my comfort zone but I am glad it is!
I love the boldness of these, even though the Boyes one is less dark and more subtle, it is something a little bit different isn't it!

Well, there you go, lipsticks galore!
I am soooooo wanting to get a rainbow of lipstick colours, how cool would that be!!!!!!!!!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 

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