Pimms and Needles, Creative Crafting

On Wednesday it was my Pimms and Needles meeting. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend last months as I couldn't get down there but I'm so happy I didn't miss this one... Its all about the crafts!

Let the March meeting begin!
I was totally in my element, making lavender hearts and playing with clay! How fun and homemade was this night!

So here is 'Creative Crafting'...

First of all, thank you all who arranged this fab night, it was so much fun!
Ok so we had our usual presentation of what the night would bring us all then we put on our crafting hat as we split up in two groups.
Just before I tell you what we got up to, how amazingly stunning is this cake Emma created for the night!!!
Up first for me was clay making! Now, I have wanted to do this for sooooo long! Pottery has always interested me and watching The Great British Throw Down on BBC earlier this year, just made me super duper excited to try this out!
So Sharon from Spotty Dog Design helped us all out in creating our designs and I loved watching everyone get stuck in and make something homemade and special to them.
From making ceramic bunting to little (or big) hearts, it was definitely a hands on experience!
My clay creations!
Spotty Dog Design stall!
We have to wait until our next meeting to see our creations but I am so excited!
After we got our hands dirty, we made lavender bags with Charlotte Liddle, who is a cofounder of the women's group.
She taught us how to make a cute heart filled with the smell of lavender. I have made these before, hand stitched so I knew what I was doing but it was still enjoyable to say the least!
Lavender heart making!
Charlotte's stall
They are so easy to make and they are perfect for a little gift to someone or just for yourself!
Well there you have it, a creative filled night!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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