BatmanVSuperman series| Superman Makeup

TOMORROW, TOMORROW, I LOVE YOU TOMORROW, IT'S THE DAY THAT THE FILM COMES OUTTTTTTTTTT... As you can probably tell, I am SO excited *runs around my bedroom, screaming*

For this post, I will show you a Superman inspired makeup that even Kryptonite won't hurt you.

So here is 'BatmanVSuperman series| Superman Makeup'...

First things first, I put my normal everyday face on, which includes:
No7 Foundation
Nivea moisturising cream
No7 lash impact mascara
P.S Liquid eyeliner
For the eyes, take a blue eye shadow and gently brush over the crease and the eye lid and underneath your lower eye lashes. In the inner corner, take a lighter colour, I used a creamy white, and brush in.
The lips now and well, since we have the blue of Superman's suit, we need a bit of red. Red lipstick, of course. I have used No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Hot Copper.

And voila, you have your Superman makeup look!
A simple look that combines most of the primary colours in his suit.
See you tomorrow when it is finally the day we have all (don't lie) been waiting for!!!!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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