Button wall art

First of all, Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope you spoil your mothers rotten!

Number 3 out of 12 for the craft I have been learning and this time it is a simple but super duper cute art that anyone could do! Button wall art.

Happy Mother's Day Mum!
 I made this S for my mother for Mother's day! This craft is a perfect craft if you have children (they can do their own initial or an animal etc) or if you love to make like me! And to make it even more better, there is no sewing in sight unlike my other two makes so far!

So here is 'Button wall art'...

 What you will need:
A hell of a lot of buttons (believe me more is better than not having enough)
Card (I used white but whatever colour you want)
A frame (you can reuse one or buy a new photo frame, it is up to you)
So what to do now?
1. Take a piece of paper and draw out whatever you want to create.
I did a letter S as her name starts with this.
You can always rub it out as you've drawn it in pencil but once you are happy with it then draw it lightly on your card roughly in the centre.
Just make sure that it fits within the frame!
2. Pick out the buttons you want to use (I chose blues and greens as she likes these colours and they work really well together) and start assembling onto your drawing.
Don't worry, this is a rough guide to how many buttons you are going to need so no glue just yet!
3. Now, take your glue and spread it over a part of your drawing (do this in sections) and start putting on your buttons.
Don't panic if they go over or under the line you have drawn as you can always rub it out!
Do this all the way around your outline and leave to dry.
4. Once dried, place in the frame, give it a wipe down and there you have it!
Here is mine:

Four easy steps to create such a lovely wall art perfect as a gift or for your home!
It is unique, one of a kind and it is handmade... What isn't there to love?! 
You can even make everyone one in their initials or an animal, whatever really!
Well there you go, another craft down!
Its easy this New Year's resolution stuff, eh?! Ha!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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