BatmanVSuperman series| Batman Nails

Four days to go (can you hear me cry with happiness) and for this post, it is all about them nails.
Batman nails to be precise.

Just a quick caped crusader tutorial to give you the nails Gotham deserves (if you don't understand that reference then we can't be friends haha).

So here is 'BatmanVSuperman series| Batman Nails'...

You will need:
Black, yellow and clear nail varnish and a cocktail stick (all will become clear with this)
First things first, I painted all of the nails with black nail polish.

From left to right as you look at the photo:
1. Batman logo- draw a yellow oval shape roughly in the middle of your nail. Take the cocktail stick (told you it will become clear) and draw a small bat inside the yellow circle you have drawn. Have a picture of the Batman logo if you want or do it from memory!
2. Stripes- Easy peasy this one, draw how many yellow stripes you want down your nail.
3. Polka dot- I know, how very Batmany but it saves time ok! Paint yellow dots around your nail.
4. Gotham Skyline- take you cocktail stick and with yellow varnish, paint at the tip of your nail different sizes squares joined up. Then draw tiny little dots over the black varnish so they are little tiny windows.
5. Tie Dye Effect- making sure the black nail varnish is slightly dried but not completely, take the yellow varnish and quickly swish them about, creating a tie dye look.
Once dry, add a coat of clear nail varnish so that they will last longer and you are done!
Nails that even the Dark Knight himself would love!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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