Flower Power

Spring has finally sprung and I am so excited. As well as Autumn, this flowery season is my favourite.

This post will show you something that I really love taking photographs of during this time of year, flowers. I don't know why but they are so pretty and to capture that in a photograph can come out really stunning!

It will show you may top tips to taking a photographs of flowers and throughout the post there will be a selection of my favourite flower photographs over the years!

Taken: 31st March 2013
So here is 'Flower Power, Photograph edition'...
Capturing the beauty of plants/flowers is something I am obsessed with. If I see a pretty blossom then I will definitely take a picture. No doubt about it.

Taken: 27th March 2015
You notice something on a photos, especially if they are close up, that you wouldn't necessarily see. The textures and colours of the flowers become much more bolder and vibrant, with the details of the petal showing. How shading and light changes the tone of the colour and the way the petals are formed and shaped.
Taken: 18th September 2014
Also by taking the picture then and there, you see the flower in full bloom or dying/blooming, so tells a story. On the above and below photos, you can see a bee and raindrops on the flower's petals. It gives the image something more, instead of it just being a flower.

Taken: 23rd July 2013

You can always take a photo and crop the photo to focus in more on the flower itself.
Don't panic and keep calm and still when taking the photos. This really applies every time you want to take a picture.

Tips on taking flower photos:
  • A good quality camera!
    It is fine if you take them on your phone but a camera is so much better. It most likely be of better quality and focus depending on the camera you use.
  • Just go out!
    All weather is good weather when it comes to photography, especially with flowers/tress etc. Go out when it is raining, sunny, snowing, cloudy! By doing this, you can create much more of an impact with the picture if it has snow/rain/hail on the petals and the on the ground. It makes for a much more interesting photo
  • Different angles, different shots!
    By taking a photo above, to the side, below the flower, you create different perspectives. One can focus on the petal and the centre of the flower head, another can be from the stem looking up at the bottom of the head. It makes a more visual experience, instead of a straight on shot.
  • Take multiply photographs
    Like the previous tip, take photos of different angles but take a few. Some may turn out better than others. If you take one and it is blur, out of focus etc then you only have that one. If you take more, you can pick out the best one out of the collection. 

Taken: 6th June 2014

Well there you have it, my first photography post. I hope you enjoyed it and the pictures accompanied with the post.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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