BatmanVSuperman series| Batman edition


After about a year of not waiting patiently, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is out in the cinema and I am crying with happiness, do you hear me wooooooooo!

And calm. For the final post in this series (I hope you have enjoyed it) and it is all about my fave, my caped crusader, my Dark Knight, Batman.

Cool Batman filter from Facebook
So here is 'BatmanVSuperman series| Batman edition'...

Bought last year, this Batman top is again one of my favourite items of clothing I own.
Costing £8 I think, I love the pattern of the Batmna logo, Batmobile and writing on it.
It is a funky top to say the least.
To make it even better, it has long sleeves so you can wear it all year round!

SO there you have it, the final post in the BatmanVSuperman series.
Keep an eye out in future posts as I will post a film review (mainly me fan girling) on the highly anticipated film.

Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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