A London Adventure (Part Three)

We have had the first two posts in my London adventure series (read part one and part two here) and so it is that time again, a fashion post!

Fashion of London
There will be five outfits here (an extra because I went to the theatre) and I will include the makeup I wore as well! Don't worry, this will be a short post for you!

So here is 'A London Adventure (Part Three)'...

Note: I did search for some of the items in this for you but they aren't on the websites anymore!
Makeup I am wearing on all days:
Foundation- No7 Stay Perfect
Eyeliner- No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip
Mascara- No7 Lash
Day One, 6th July

Top- Primark, £8
Skirt- M&S, £18 (sale)
Shoes- Primark, £10
Going for an Audrey Hepburn inspired look with this turtle neck (you cannot go wrong with a turtle neck, don't listen to people) and green/gold/black knee length skirt that I am utterly in love with!
I feel very sophisticated in this, even though I was dying of heat on this day!
Day Two, 7th July
Top-  Primark, £8
Skirt- Cath Kidston, £23 (sale)
Shoes- Primark, £6

You cannot go wrong with a Cath Kidston skirt and to make this even make and more perfect, it has this lovely guards pattern, how fitting is that?!
Matched with this light black top, it is a simple yet stylish outfit, perfect for the UK's capital city!
Dress- Matalan, £18 (I think)
Shoes- Primark, £10

Now if you are going to see anything Breakfast at Tiffany's related then you have got to wear that iconic little black dress. I mean you cannot go wrong.
A throwback to film, I paired it with a pearl necklace and earring and my favourite little black bag with my love's, Audrey Hepburn, face on it, when I saw this in the theatre. 
I felt like I should have been in the production!
Day Three, 8th July
Top- Next, £12
Skirt- M&S, £20 (sale) (I think)
Shoes- Primark, £6

I am a sucker for a floral print so when I saw this in Next's outlet shop, I had to have it, especially for that price!
Matched with this lovely white skirt, it is a very spring/summer outfit, perfect for walking around the busy streets of London.
Day Four, 9th July

Top- M&S, £18 (sale)
Skirt- M&S, £16 (sale)
Shoes- Primark, £6

Ahhhh the classic two piece.
Normally, I am not keen on these because I hate showing my tummy but I absolutely adore this retro peachy top and skirt.
Plus the fact you cant see my stomach unless I put my arms up and you can wear them separately, how brilliant!
Well there you have it, a stylish way to end off this London series!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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