Girl's Holiday to Whitby

From the 27th to the 30th of June, four of my favourite people and I went on a little holiday to the seaside town of Whitby.

Now, all five of us absolutely love this place so a couple of months ago we booked ourselves a cute little house and thought 'why not'.

From day three, what a stunning view!

I miss it so much, it felt like it went so fast that I keep thinking we are going and haven't been yet.
Because of this, here are a select few photographs I took (there were just over 500, oops) and some bullet points of things we did during the best four days I have ever lived.

So here is 'Girl's Holiday to Whitby'...

Day One
Ready to go on our adventure to Whitbyyyy!

Our home!

That bedroom window view!

View outside our front door

On our first adventure!

Get in my belly

Cute street

Some of the 199 steps to the Abbey

The Two Piers, we were going to the one on the right!


A panorama shot!

Handmade eye masks!

  • We couldn't enter the house until 4pm so arriving at 3pm ish we headed to the supermarket and actually did a food shop! We did actual adulty things!
  • Gasping at how amazing the house was when we finally got our keys to enter. The view from my bedroom window was just incredible!
  • Headed for a celebratory pie at Humble Pie and Mash, which is the most cutest place ever, filled with vintage goodies and old songs playing in the background. I mean, just look at that pie *drools*
  • After we stuffed our faces, we went along one of the two piers to work off some of the delicious meal and take loads of selfies haha!
  • Relaxed in our new home for the week and I gave everyone their homemade eye masks that I hand stitched for everyone to make the trip that little bit more special. Emily also bought us all stone pendant necklaces which I utterly adore! Thanks Em!
Day Two

Ready for day two!

How perfect is it for me though?!

I wanted this bike...

Yum yum yum

Playing cards before dinner

  • Went around the many wonderful and quirky shops in the streets of Whitby.
  • For lunch, we went to a really cute tea/coffee house named Sherlocks (what a perfect name), filled with all things about Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous detective! I had a mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil Panini and a chocolate milkshake! I cannot recommend this place enough!
  • After a bit more shopping we headed back as Lauren was cooking us a roast chicken (a quorn roast for me) because she is a complete and utter babe haha! Whilst she was doing that, the rest of us opened a couple of drinks and played some card games, we are all so competitive oops!
  • To end day two off and with our bellies full of roast dinner, we watched a film and put on our face masks... Relaxation at its finest!
Day Three

Pink for day three

Pretty pic of the time it wasn't raining

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Top notch baking right here.

That sunset though!
  • Like day two, we head around the shops we didn't manage the day previous.
  • Of course, like British weather, it started to rain and we did what any normal human being would do in that weather, we got an ice cream. I had a tub filled with banana and salted caramel and it was to die for!
  • We went straight to the house after as we had our baking sesh on the night. Baked a strawberry and cream cake (obviously because tennis championship Wimbledon is currently on and strawberries and cream is what they eat there) and cookie dough with yep, even more ice cream!
  • In between watching telly, I headed upstairs to my room to look at that incredible, final night sunset!
Day Four

Not ready for the final day because I don't want to leave!

Final view out of my bedroom window!

Bye, bye house!
A stroll around the shops again

And let us go up the 199 steps!

Graveyard at the top of the steps

Whitby Abbey

Down to the pier

What a beautiful last day

The last supper of Whitby
  •  So we had a look around the shops again, buy anything people didn't purchase before then we headed up the 199 steps to get to Whitby Abbey.
  • Because it was such a glorious day, we headed to the other pier, on the other side of the red bridge and it was such a pretty view from the very top of it.
  • We then had fish n chips as our last meal of the trip before heading back home to go straight to an art exhibition. I know, no rest for the wicked, hey!  
Well there you have it, an action packed, fun filled and shopping crazy four days I will remember forever!
Have you been to Whitby recently? What is your favourite thing to do in this seaside town?
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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