After three years, god knows how many assignments, millions of words typed and a lot of tears, I did it. I kicked university in the bottom and graduated yesterday!

In January this year, I had a graduation for my foundation degree and yesterday's one was for my BA (Hons) Journalism and New Practice degree that I have studied for the past year and I could not be happier. 
I thought I would share this wonderful day, filled with hat throwing and a lot of hugs and smiles, so here are some photographs of the special event and some of the afternoon tea I had at Wynyard Hall to celebrate with my mum and nanna.


Note: this will be picture based rather than text based.


All set to receive my degree in journalism


It's a thumbs up from me on what was the hottest
day or the year yesterday

Going up to receive me degree

I am a graduate!!!

Uni friend Emma

Uni friends Mandi and Emma

Uni friend Lauri


Getting ready to throw them caps


Solo hat throwing

Tried to do the High School Musical jump but I failed terribly

My dress is from Next, was £40, bought it for £14
in the sale! What a bargain!

Emma and Kerri hiding there haha


I am such a poser hahah oops

With my degree
What a day, I don't even know where to begin.
Without these amazing people on my course, I don't think I would have even graduated so a massive thank you to them for putting up with me!
Anyway, on to the day...
After collecting my gown and hat, my mother became the paparazzi with the cameras and took some photographs of me, looking like an actual uni graduate.
Then we headed to the building for the ceremony, where we received our degrees, in the fourth and fifth photo, that's me receiving it ooooo!
I graduated with a 2:2, something I am so proud of considering I didn't really want to study the course anymore and one of my module results, the one for broadcast, I came out with a first so I couldn't be happier!
As we left the ceremony, all of us got some photographs to together to celebrate our 3 years and of course, got the obligatory throw our caps in the air photographs!
My mum, nanna and I then had a bite to eat in the refreshment tent as it was wayyyy too hot for my liking and were in desperate need of a drink!
After returning my gown and cap, we headed home to celebrate!

I even made it onto the local newspaper's website in god knows how many photographs

Mother bought me some flowers and a cute
graduation bear. I named him Barry because that's
the uni's mascot's name

Wynyard Hall on a beautiful day

Look at that ceiling though

Afternoon tea!

How pretty is this place!

Such a stunning scenery to celebrate!

Welcome to me crib!

Enjoying the sun with a cocktail

Simply stunning

I fell in love with these flowers!
It looks like a painting but this photograph doesn't
do them any justice, how lovely!

A grand piano in the main entrance, how grand!

Afternoon tea part of the beautiful, old building

What an amazing place to celebrate!
I love afternoon tea and although I am not much a tea drinker, I love going to different places to try out their menu. My lovely mother treated me to tea at the beautiful Wynyard Hall, somewhere I haven't been before but will definitely go again!
Starting with the afternoon tea, the sandwiches were amazingly tasty! I had salmon and cream cheese on a bagel and egg mayo in this flat bread. Both were so delicious, I could have eaten twenty!
Moving on to the scones, errrrmagerddddddddddd, they were melt in the mouth, just the right size, divine! filled with clotted cream and  strawberry jam, they were some of the nicest ones I have tasted!
Now, the sweet treats are always my favourite part and these were incredible. I tried the chocolate dessert, which was like a mousse with a thin layer of cake, I think, and it was so rich and creamy, yum yum! I also had their novelty egg, which was one of the nicest things I have ever tasted. I was like a panna cotta (suppose to be the egg whites) with a mango jelly on to the top (as the egg yolk).
I could not recommend this afternoon tea enough, simply divine!
Because it was such a lovely day with the sun shining and it being far too hot for me, we headed out to the patio area and enjoyed the surrounding as well as a cocktail! I had Tropical Sunrise and it was so refreshing, just want I needed on that amazingly perfect day!
Well there you have it, your favourite fan girl has graduated again!
Caroline BA (Hons) ... I like the sound of that.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


  1. Congratulations ! You should be proud of yourself ! :D


  2. Congratulations on graduating! It's such a good feeling isn't it?!
    Beautiful photos too, your dress is so lovely and that looks like an epic place to celebrate in the afternoon! :)

    Beth x

    1. Aw thank you! And I know right, I graduated twice this year and both were amazing and felt so good! And it really is, would definitely recommend it! x


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