A London Adventure (Part Two)

Second part of my London adventure today and it is on the last two days!
London's calling!
Form more shopping and sight seeing to paying my respect to a MP who was murdered earlier this year, it was hard to say goodbye to this wonderful city, I love it so much! 
So here is 'A London Adventure (Part Two)'...

Day Three, 8th July
I cant remember what this street is called
Piccadilly Circus
Leicester Square
A dream statute for the new BFG film coming out soon
Trafalgar Square
Horse Guard's parade
St James' Park
St James' Park
  •  We headed to Piccadilly to go to the Cath Kidston shop there before heading towards Leicester Square to relax for a bit.
  • My nanna wanted to go to Trafalgar Square before heading towards Horse Guard's parade as she is a major royalist and loves it there.
  • Since we were close to St James' Park, we had some tea whilst sitting on a bench, counting all of the planes flying by. A relaxing day indeed.
Day Four, 9th July
Buckingham Palace
Another one of them dream statues

Pretty building near Houses of Parliament

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Paying respect to Labour MP Jo Cox

Not another one of them hahah
  • We went straight to Trafalgar Square again on this day to head to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. Now, my nanna sees this every time she comes and it is a lovely experience to watch.
  • Walking up Birdcage Walk, we headed towards the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey as my nanna wanted to go inside the Abbey as she hasn't been in before. However, the queue was too long so we looked in it's shop. However, a nice little surprise was there in the form of Morris dancers, which was lovely to watch!
  • We paid our respects to Labour MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in Birstall in June, where she was holding a constituency surgery. She was 41, married with two young children. I did not know of her until her tragic death but all of the people she influenced during her time as an MP, elected in 2015, it made everyone shocked by what happened to her so I wanted to pay my respects to her. #LovelikeJo
  • Then we headed back to the hotel because, unfortunately, it was home time... I didn't want to gooooooooooooo!
Well there you have it, another London adventure!
Look out for the fashion post and what I bought piece!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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