What I bought in London

When you hit the UK's capital city of London, you normally go for two things: sight seeing and shopping. Well I do anyway!

Over the four days I was there, I bought a few clothing items. Now, this isn't to flaunt the things I bought, most of them were from Primark so were cheap for what they are anyway and the others were all in the sale. It is to show you my love for them.

So here is 'What I bought in London'...

I did try and find all items online but unfortunately, I couldn't. They must be sold out or be unavailable, I don't know but sorry about that!
Anyway, let us begin...


Can we all take a moment at how retro this top is with the flares on the bottom and on the sleeves.
Now, I bought this top to go with the jeans I also purchased, see further down, and I just feel in love with it. Simple, I know but simple is some times the best way forward in an outfit.
I feel dead summery in this and like I said before, I love the fact that it is retro and vintagey.

Flowers, check. Embroidered, check. Bargain, check.
Words cannot describe how much I love this just above the knee skirt.
I just saw it by chance as I was waiting for one of the staff to come back to me after I had enquired about something and just had to have it as it was the only one in my size!
How lucky is that?!
I just love the detail on one of the two pockets and the buttons, how can you not want this skirt!!!

This is the one thing I really wanted to buy in Primark.
I have been looking for these embroidered skinny jeans for ages now, with my local shop not having any in so the only place I thought they might be in stock is London.
Look again at the detail, on both sides this time, just under the pockets!
To make it even better, it is floral, which is perfect for summer, and the bright colours of red, yellow, green, perfect for autumn!
 You can't really go wrong!


£23, sale
When I went to York earlier this year to have a look at the sale in the Cath Kidston shop there, I fell in love with this skirt.
I have a few skirts from here and I just love the prints and the length (just above the knee) and most importantly, the fact that they have pockets!
I utterly adore this print, from the sweet cottage (which is my dream home) and the flowers to the summery colours and of course, the gnomes, it is such an adorable print!
And breathe!

£23, sale
Recently, I have become quite the gardener, with growing my own herbs, strawberries and a rose.
I first saw this print on their website and just loved the pale pink colour of the background and the pretty flower pots and flowers. It is such a delicate and elegant print, fab for spring time! 
Matched with a pale pink top or even a plain white one, it is such the perfect skirt for the sunny days!

Mark and Spencers


£16, sale

Ahhh another floral print... I did tell you I am a sucker for them!
This M&S blouse is so pretty with the flower detail but also the frills on the neck and sleeves, it is elegant.
Matched with blue jeans, it is perfect for spring/summer as it is light and slightly see through but not too tightly fitted, which is always a bonus!
Well there you have it, a fashion post for you!
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Oh how I miss London and Oxford Street!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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