A London Adventure (Part One)

On the 6th July, I went to London again with my mother and my nanna (even though we took her for her 'last' trip to the UK capital city last year) but she missed it so much, we went for four days and it was lovely. 
A little taster of what's to come!
From sight seeing and shopping to going to the theatre, it was a fun filled visit to say the least so I thought I would do another what I did in London like I have done many times before... I practically live there with the amount of trips I have done in the past few years. Unlike before I will bullet point what we did and add some pictures of this wonderful city but it will be in three parts (third being a fashion a post)!
So here is 'A London Adventure'...

 Day One, 6th July
Trafalgar Square

Regents Street

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
Cheese Soufflé
Fish n chips

Lemon Tart

  • After we arrived and dropped of our luggage at the hotel we headed down to Oxford Street and Regent's Street to do a bit of shopping. Now, when I see the bright blue sign of Primark, I know where I will be spending the next 5 hours in... And well, I bought some really nice items. -I will do a separate post on what I bought there and other places because I am utterly in love with them!-
  • Once we had finished shopping our hearts out, we headed towards Trafalgar Square to do something we always do at the landmark site, sit and watch the world go by.
  • As an extra, we got a free three course meal on the first night so we headed to the Bedford Hotel to  for a delicious (and I mean delicious) meal. I had an amazing cheese soufflĂ© for starters, tasty fish n chips for the main and a refreshing lemon tart for dessert.
Day Two, 7th July
Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

London Eye

Houses of Parliament

Ready for the evening!
Pixie Lott!

Matt Barber

How beautiful are these flowers in Disney's
window display
  • We headed to Covent Garden to get the bus to the Tower of London and passed some shops, such as Disney and their beautiful window display.
  • Arrived at the Tower of London and then to Tower Bridge on one of the most nicest days of the trip, was simply glorious!
  • We had a free one way river city cruise so decided to put this to good use on this day to take us to Westminster, on our way back to the hotel to go to the theatre
  • Speaking of the theatre, I was definitely in my happy place as I saw my favourite film, Breakfast at Tiffany's, as a play. And it was magical. Although I was tired of hearing 'it is nothing like the film', that's because it is based on the book(!!!!), it was a simply stunning production. Singer Pixie Lott as main character Holly Golightly (played by my favourite actress, Audrey Hepburn, in the film) and actor Matt Barber as 'Fred', they were fabulously cast. They were funny and had plenty of chemistry. The staging was cleverly done with furniture and scene settings coming out of everywhere. And let us not mention the real life cat, named Bob (I know, how awesome is that name), who played Cat in the production. He was spot on with his ques. An excellent and mesmerising performance by all and definitely one to see. 
  • After the production, we went to the stage door because I couldn't miss the opportunity to express my love for this production. I met Pixie and Matt, got their autographs and a photo with them, and I can honestly say they were both lovely and very nice to talk to! One night I will definitely not forget.
 Well that is part one done and dusted. Keep a look out for part two!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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