Summer Shoes Galore

With the sunny season looming ever so closer, a girl gotta have shoes for summer.

These are a selection of shoes that are my must haves this year.
From sandals, plimsolls to flats and heels, there will be a different styles and designs for everyone.

A girl cannot have too many shoes, right?

So let us begin...
-I should say that most of these are from Primark as I tend to buy my hoes from there mostly-

Roses are red

Primark- £4

These red flats are one of my favourites. As summer is the season for bright, bold, vibrant colours, these shoes fits in perfectly with that. The bow at the front gives them a simple yet stylish detail instead of being just plain. I would recommend that you walk around your home before just to ease and wear them in a bit but for the price, these are definitely great value for money.

Other colours are available.

Simple yet stylish

Primark- £4

Like the previous flats, these are great for the season. Although not in a bright colour, these black flats are great for going out shopping, for a meal or going out with friends. They are simple therefore are great if you are wearing pattern clothing.

Plims not Pims

Primark- £4

For comfortable footwear these shoes are great for you. Coming in black as well, the plimsolls are simple. Light and airy, they are great for putting on if you are in a rush, going out and to the beach. If you feel like stepping up the creativity, you can also draw on them.

 Festivals are coming

 Primark- £10
For a long time now I have been looking for sandals that cover my toes and are comfortable walking around in the sun. The strappy sandals are a great purchase as there is an adjustable strap around the ankle and the two thin straps across your foot are elasticated. They are also available in a tan coloured. They are perfect if you are going to a festival as well. Just what I was looking for.

Blast from the past

 Primark- £10
Bringing back yours and mine childhood next with these jelly shoes. I used to wear jelly shoes all the time when I was young so these bring back so many memories. With the buckle, the shoes come in different colours, for example white and sparkly glittery ones. They are perfect for if you are going to the beach. What a blast from the past.

Shiny shoes

 Primark- £10
I adore these shoes. Although my feet look huge in them, these shoes are great with a pair of tights or just straight on your feet. I love the detail on the front and the buckle strap across. They are just stylish, fabulous and shiny - of course.

 Tan, tan, tan

 Primark- £10

The summery season for many means: sun, relaxing and a tan. These tan sandals are just perfect for that time of the year, with the simple and effective detail at the front completing any outfit. Paired with pale blue jeans, there is a buckle to adjust the strap and I am pretty sure they come in black as well.
Pretty in pale pink

BHS- £15
The last pair of shoes on the list and they are not from Primark! These pale pink/nude small heel shoes are great for a summer wedding, party and date. The plain, shiny shoes match perfectly with a patterned dress or a simple, stylish outfit. They also come in different colours as well. Definitely feel pretty in pale pink in these.
Well there you have it, my essential shows for the summer season that is coming soon. What shoes do you always wear in the sunny season?
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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