Home in time for Spring

When it comes to the spring/summer season, we wear bright, airy, light clothing so why cant we do this to our homes as well?Simple answers is we can.

By adding simple things your home will hopefully feel more Spring/Summery.

From flowers and sweets to a little bit of love for the furniture we have already in our homes, these are a few ideas that I have done in my bedroom and around the house to make this more in touch with the blossomy seasons.

So let us spring forward to the ideas...

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Flowers in a mug

Sounds a bit weird but if you have left over flowers from a bunch or from your garden then put them in a nice, tall mug. It is something new, something quirky and something light.
This mug is from Wilkos and I bought it for 50p in the sale. 50P!!!!! What a bargain. The flowers are from my garden but you can place fake or real ones in depending on your choosing.
You can also put them into a jug if you have one or prefer it. The mug is found in my bedroom, on my bedside table and the jug of flowers is found on the kitchen table. It is such a simple idea but effective in brightening up your home.


Ok so candles are mainly used for cold wintery nights. However, it doesn't mean that you have to put them away for spring/summer. I bought this white candle from Asda for £4 and it did come with a white ribbon but changing the colour to pale pink makes it more vintagey, more light whilst fitting in with the colours of Spring and my bedroom. The ribbon was bought from Boyes and I think it cost me 50p but I could be wrong. Candle are one way of lighting up your house for the seasons ahead.

New, fresh bedding

Simple as it sounds. New, fresh bedding makes any bedroom airy and feel new. The crispness and cleanness of the sheets when you first take them out of the packaging and the softness of putting it onto your duvet. It is one of my favourite things to do (I'm weird, I know).
This adorable single bedding is from George at Asda, costing £10. I haven't put it on my bed as of yet because I am saving it for when I buy myself a new bedframe but I absolutely adore this. The butterfly and bird detail is vintage and perfect for Spring.

Flowers in a jar/candle holder

Instead of a mug, you can place flowers in a jar/candle holder/lantern. Simple idea but it looks so lovely.
This 'Home Sweet Home' jar is from Wilkos, costing £2. I love the detail of the writing and the border surrounding it, with the silver heart attached to the grey ribbon. The pink flowers are fake and cost £2.59ish from Boyes. This is located on my bedside table and adds a pop of colour to the white items also on it.

Sweet jar

I, like many, love sweets. It is bad, I know but mmmmmm they are so tasty.
When I had this left over haberdashery jar from Christmas, instead of wasting it and not using it, I decided to fill it up all with my favourite sweets. The label is left on because I like it but you can pretty much do this with any jar or container you have. Placing them on a table or on your windowsill, it brightens up any room. Plus the fact you can pinch one ha!
The square of fabric came with the jar but if you have any spare material or clothes you don't wear any more then that would be fine to use. I would recommend that you use thin fabric and tie it with a ribbon. This is also great for birthday presents. A sweet idea to say the least.

Fruity smoothies

Ok so this one includes food again but the good kind this time! These four milk bottles are great for the summer time, fill them up with sweet (there is a recurring theme here I see ha), flowers etc.
I made four different flavours of smoothies and poured them into them.
The bottles come with the straws and is from Home Bargains, costing £3.50 I think, I could be wrong.
It is such a simple yet effective thing to put in your home.

Up-cycling furniture

Like I stated before, spring/summer is the time for freshness in your home so why not make a change in your furniture. Don't worry, you don't have to buy any if you don't want to. A simple way to have new furniture is changing your old furniture. If you have an old wooden table and chair then you paint them a different colour. This is called up-cycling. Instead of getting rid of it or buying new things, use what you have got already.
I have done this with my mums table and chairs in the kitchen. Although I have only painted one, the chairs will be covered in pale blue and pink paint and the table will be in cream. It makes the kitchen brighter and more unique. The paint is from Wilkos costing £12 and there are a variety of different colours to choose from. However, I would recommend you buy a tester pot of paint (Wilkos sell them for £1 each) first to see if you like the colour etc.

The other chair has blue legs
but you can see from the top
what the chair originally
looked like before the paint.

Well there you have it, some of my ideas to make the home more in touch with spring/summer.
What have you done to your house recently, have you got any ideas for a more Spring home?
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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